Swami the Magazine: It’s The Great Pumpkin Mr. Swami

“On Halloween night, the Great Pumpkin rises from his pumpkin patch and flies through the air with his bag of toys to all the children.” And that’s what Halloween is all about Charlie Brown…

It’s hard to have a Great Pumpkin week of games and not think about candy. I know. I’ve tried. So despite my efforts to come up with something else this week, I just couldn’t get past all of that candy so that will be our theme. In case you are curious, when Swami the Family went out on Wednesday, our costumes were:

  • The Swami: The Swami of 15 years ago – Shirt, Hat, Watch, Letter Jacket, and Shoes were all vintage Swami clothing that he owned and wore 15  years ago…and happily it all fits again.
  • Mrs. Swami: A kitten…complete with tail, whiskers, and hair braided into cat ears.
  • The Swamette: The cutest little Minnie Mouse you could find. She tried to be accurate by losing as many teeth as possible prior to that night…
  • James: A good lookin’ firefighter complete with fresh soot on his face, just like his Uncle.

(big thanks to the official Mother of the Swami for hooking the kids up with some cute costumes!)

The rest of the StM staff was forced to stay at the office due to the hurricane. (Or at least that’s why we told them they had to stay. I can’t say that there was much of an impact in the Midwest, but we threw a bunch of water and yard waste past the windows so they’d think it was getting bad…). As a result of their dedication, we are pleased to present you with this Halloween/Great Pumpkin edition of Swami the Magazine. Now on to The Picks! (while the staff gorges on the leftover candy…)

Until next time… THE SWAMI!



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