The Weekender – Election Day Edition

The Rising

4th Quarter/Overtime Comebacks – Alabama, Notre Dame, TCU, Nebraska, Tennessee, & Arkansas all had comebacks late to pull off victories. For Alabama and Notre Dame they had VERY late, improbable comebacks that kept their national title hopes alive. [Side Note: Someone needs to slap Les Miles… they were THIS close to giving us an SEC-free title game!!!]. For TCU and Nebraska they were late comebacks to help their in-conference positioning. And for Tennessee and Arkansas they were comebacks to stave off embarrassing would-be losses. So the stakes were different across the board, but they all were gripping and entertaining to the end.

Doug Martin – The Tampa Bay rookie running back had a day for the ages. 251 yards rushing, 21 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns. Until Greg Schiano took his crazy pills, it was the 2nd best game ever by a rookie running back and 9th best game ever by a running back. (He ended up with the 3rd and 10th best respectively due to losing 14 yards on 3 meaningless carries at the end). Coming out of college he was most often compared to Ray Rice (a very high compliment) and this day was even better than anything Rice has done so far. The Bucs definitely have something to build on there.

Andrew Luck – And on the same day that Doug Martin shined as a rookie ball carrier, the Colts’ field general Andrew Luck was equally as brilliant. Luck broke the rookie passing record while leading the Colts to a key victory and keeping them in line for a playoff berth. I can’t imagine that there can be too many holdout Colts fans who still think that the organization made a mistake by letting Manning go and locking up Luck. It really looks like a win-win for both Luck and Manning and a huge win for the NFL. And by the way, I think too many people are sleeping on how both physical and athletic Luck is (though he put it on display again this week). He’s roughly the same size as Ben Roethlisberger & Cam Newton while running a 4.5 40-yard dash and having phenomenal instincts and decision-making abilities. It’s really starting to look like the 2012 QB Class has a good chance to at least be on par with the vaunted 1983 class.

America – We are all winners today. First, we get to exercise our right to vote today which is an honor. But almost equal to that is we get a reprieve from all of the campaign ads and phone calls from celebrities and politicians alike. We All Win!!

Peyton Manning – The record weekend continued with Andrew Luck’s predecessor who currently is making the folks in Denver VERY happy. Peyton Manning set the record for the most 4th Quarter comebacks by leading the Broncos back against the Bengals in Manning-esque fashion. It’s such a pleasure to have him back being himself on Sundays. There was definitely a hole last season. I truly hope he gets to go out on his own terms.

David Ortiz – A very large man who can only do 1/3 of the skills preferred in his sport, in his late 30’s, coming off an injury plagued season gets paid 26 million dollars for the next two seasons. I have to assume that he’s having a good week.

The iPad Mini – Despite reports that the lines were much lighter when compared to previous Apple release events, the sales of the new Mini were very good in its opening weekend to the tune of nearly selling out the whole first run of the tablet. It seems folks decided that instead of freezing outside the Apple store, they could simply pre-order or visit other retailers as well. Either way, Apple once again has a winner and now will be THE force in the 7-8inch tablet market.

Chicago Bears Defense – The Bears’ defense has now scored 8 Touchdowns this season in 8 games. As a comparison, the Jacksonville OFFENSE has scored 11 touchdowns. You can say all you want about turnovers not being something defenses can control, but clearly there’s something the Bears have figured out they can do to assist offenses in coughing it up.

We Are The Fallen

Mack Brown – From his press conference this week, “The horns down is disrespectful,” Brown said at his weekly press conference. “We ought to talk about that as a league.” – WHAT?!?! OF COURSE IT’S DISRESPECTFUL! THAT’S THE POINT! THAT’S WHY YOUR OPPONENTS DO IT! THEY AREN’T FANS OF YOU OR YOUR SCHOOL!! YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS DISRESPECTFUL?! INSISTING THAT YOUR SCHOOL MAKE MORE MONEY THAN EVERYONE ELSE IN YOUR LEAGUE, BUT YOU DO THAT WITHOUT QUESTION!!  Sorry, I just feel like there should be a Samuel L. Jackson-esque rant about this. Maybe it really is time for Mack to hang up his whistle after all.

Either the Redskins Rule or the Bama/LSU Rule – Historically, when the Redskins win the game prior to an election, the incumbent party wins the election. Also historically, if Alabama wins the ALA/LSU matchup a democrat wins the presidency while if LSU does a republican wins. Well… the Redskins lost and Alabama won, so one of those is not going to come true. That is…unless they tie…

Mike Aviles – I really hope Mike didn’t sign a contract on a house or apartment in Toronto just yet. It’s weird enough to get traded for a Manager instead of another player. To then follow it up by being traded again less than 2 weeks later has to be quite a shock. So welcome to Cleveland Mike! (…for now…)

Flag Football Parents – Many folks have already heard this rant, but I feel like throwing this in anyway. If you break out the Red Solo Cups (queue Toby Keith) so that you can drink alcohol at your child’s 2nd and 3rd grade flag football tournament… you might have a problem. If you start doing this before Noon, you DEFINITELY have a problem. On the other side of things… if you are completely sober and feel like you need to complain about the ball-spot on EVERY play of your child’s flag football games, you also have a problem.

USC – In a season where expectations included a run at the national championship, this can only be considered a failure. A 4-3 record in the Pac 12 is pretty weak. While I feel bad for Matt Barkley and his decision to return and try to help USC back, I have to say that failure couldn’t happen to a better guy than Lane Kiffin!!

Missouri AND Florida – That game was pathetic. Florida did everything they could to give this game away. Question for the coaching staff: While running out to a Top 5 start, you ran the ball 75-85% of the time. In the past two weeks you lost and should have lost and ran the ball just under 60% of the time. I’m no astrophysicist (though I have one on speed dial), but I have to say that something doesn’t compute there. Perhaps you should dance with the one that brought you… And those poor MU Tigers. The season has been wretched, but Florida gave away a marquee victory on a silver platter and Mizzou just didn’t want any part of it. Brutal.

Christian Ponder – I’m not saying he was bad, but he barely had more passing yardage than former teammate, and wide receiver, Sidney Rice did this week. Adrian Peterson put the Vikings on his back and was carrying them to victory until Ponder dropped anchor and held them back.

University of Arizona – You know… losing by over 50 to UCLA really is a good way to remove yourself from the ranks of the Top 25. Kudos to you for proving that hypothesis true. (And yes, that did Rhyme. I do it all the Time). (Stop it! And I mean it! Anybody want a Peanut?!)

Early PickToledo over Ball State 36-21 – Not much to add… it’s a Tuesday game in the Top 25 so I thought I should at least acknowledge that it is happening.

Tweet of the Day – @RGIII – Our Soldiers fight for us all around the world for days like today. Go out and exercise your right to vote

The Skillet –

  • Penn State @ Nebraska – It’s a crucial hurdle for Nebraska if they want to get to the Big X+II title game and it should be a nail-biter.
  • Texas A&M @ Alabama – Alabama could be set up for a letdown and if they have any sort of letdown, A&M is good enough to take advantage if it happens.
  • Texans @ Bears – A meeting of 7-1 teams that should be a doozy. It could be very low scoring with two very good defenses, but even if it isn’t, it is sure to be a good game.
  • Obama v. Romney – Also a nail-biter that could go into overtime if it comes out as close as some predict.
  • Phoenix Motor Speedway – With 2 races to go, the Chase for the Sprint Cup is pretty much down to 2 drivers and 7 points. Jimmie Johnson and Brad Keselowski both seem up to the task and this could be a finish as close as last year’s.




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