The Goulash

Some days you just don’t want to have a well thought out plan… you just want to throw some stuff together and hope it comes out tasting good. When you have those days you just want to whip up some goulash! Today is one of those days.

If you happen to be unaware of what goulash is, here are a couple of definitions:

  1. A stew of beef or veal and vegetables, with paprika and other seasoning.
  2. A heterogeneous mixture; hodgepodge; jumble

So with that background, let’s not waste any more time and get straight to a heaping helping of The Goulash:

Fun with Twitter:

@TornCartledge – When you’re 0-5 in the red zone, 7 sacks, and your tackling is terrible…you struggle to win football games in this league – Andy Reid #Yup

@FrankCaliendo – I can’t believe Vick fumbled. – [said] Nobody

@AdamSchefter – Chiefs are first team not to hold a lead during a game in first 8 games of season since 1929 Buffalo Bisons, who folded after 1929 season.

@macpowell – My daughter (Scout -13) said tnite- “I just thought of something…Princess Leia is now a Disney Princess!”

@timhawkinscomic – Oh, it just now hit me why the lady at Lowe’s gave me a creepy look when I bought 2 rolls of duct tape and a shovel.

@mulaney – “Facebook” and “New York” are trending. Some much needed buzz for both.

@JimmieJohnson – Guns in victory lane… only in Texas!

@alyankovic – Got some inside information: Disney purchased LucasFilm primarily so that they could have the rights to the Ewok’s “Yub Nub” song.

@JimGaffigan – Now I know how Abraham Lincoln felt when he was tweeting by candlelight. #blackout #sandy

@JimmieTramel – Colorado also thought five downs should be legal.

Hit the Links:

Here’s your sign! I am definitely a fan of this ruling –

Kudos to some quality high school football players for doing what is right –

What do you get when you mix video gamers and the London Philharmonic?! –

I’m not dead yet! No, seriously… I’m not quoting Monty Python –

Stat of the Week:

Kansas State has 111 points off turnovers. Their opponents have 0 (on only 4 turnovers)

Fantasy Nuggets:
Don’t Sleep on Rookies –

In the past it has not been a good idea to count on rookies when you are drafting your team, and at some positions that has still been true. However, at running back and quarterback we are definitely seeing that the new world of college offensive systems have guys more NFL ready than ever before.

Quarterbacks – It only took a week or two for us to realize that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III were something special, but even so that usually won’t translate to fantasy stardom immediately. But for these gentlemen it absolutely has… and note to advertisers…they are also two REALLY quality people to go with their on-field prowess. Currently RGIII is the #2 QB in standard leagues and Luck is #7 and climbing.

Running Backs– Sure Doug Martin is getting the headlines this week, but did you realize that he’s actually been very consistent all year? Also, were you aware that there are 3 rookie running backs in the Top 10? In an era where there are fewer true feature backs, all three of these guys are doing the lions share of work for their teams. Doug Martin (TB) is #1 in total points among running backs while Trent Richardson and Alfred Morris are #’s 6 and 7 respectively. Kudos to the coaches who have put their trust in these guys and been able to reap the rewards.

The Fantasy Doh!:

What’s the Fantasy “Doh!”? It’s the guys who scored the most points on the most peoples’ benches this past weekend. The perfect marriage of high fantasy points and low starting percentages. Here’s the Fantasy Doh! for this past weekend:

  • Carson Palmer – #1 Fantasy QB of the week – Started in only 16% of leagues
  • Andrew Luck – #2 Fantasy QB of the week – Started in only 31% of leagues (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!)
  • Russell Wilson – #5 Fantasy QB of the week – Started in only 3.5% of leagues
  • Doug Martin – #1 Fantasy RB & Player of the week – NOT started in 18+% of leagues (not that large a number but those folks are KICKING themselves)
  • Mikel Leshoure – #3 Fantasy RB of the week – Started in 61% of leagues
  • Isaac Redmond – #4 Fantasy RB of the week – Started in only 17% of leagues
  • Randall Cobb – #3 Fantasy WR of the week – Started in only 34% of leagues
  • Golden Tate – #4 Fantasy WR of the week – Started in only 1% of leagues
  • T.Y. Hilton – #4 Fantasy WR of the week – Started in only .3% of leagues
  • Brandon Myers – #1 Fantasy TE of the week – Started in only 5% of leagues
  • Tom Crabtree – #2 Fantasy TE of the week – Started in only .8% of leagues
Picture of the Week:

I’m biased, but after a nomadic existence and a pathetic record to boot, it’s really nice to know that Georgia Tech is opening their new basketball arena later this week. And it looks beautiful…




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