Swami the Magazine: Rattle and Hum

All of us our “favorite” things. And very often things become our favorite because of exposure and timing as much as our personal taste. You might  be a fan of disco because you started your formative years in the late 70’s. You might be a NASCAR fan because you grew up in Talladega, Alabama. You might love steak because your parent is the Chris in Ruth’s Chris (and if THAT’s the case, I am jealous). So for whatever reason, we all have our favorite things. One of my favorite bands of all time is U2. They were formed in their current incarnation the year that I was born. Their greatest album came out when I was in elementary school developing my tastes and opinions. My oldest brother had the Rattle and Hum VHS and it was one of the first concert-type videos I had seen…over and over again. Their “rebirth” of sorts took place the year I got married and started a new chapter in life. So there are a lot of reasons that I identify with them (aside from the fact that they are fantastic). And those reasons are why I elected to make this week a U2 themed week, with a song for each game. I realize that I will be the person that enjoys this week the most, but hey, if you can’t pick your favorites on your own blog, where can you?!

Now for a quick tangent, the MLB awards have all been announced so let’s see how the Swami and the Guru fared:

  • The Guru & BBWAA agreed on: NL Cy Young, AL Rookie of the Year, NL & AL Managers of the year
  • The Swami & BBWAA agreed on: NL MVP, AL Cy Young, NL & AL Rookies of the Year, NL & AL Managers of the year
  • The BBWAA got the AL MVP wrong

But that’s enough about that. Now it’s time for THE PICKS!!

Until next time… The Swami!!


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  1. tOSU will narrowly defeat the sorry excuse for a shaving brush (silvertip or knot). And as in 1994, there will be a split national champion. Also, if Denard Robinson is smart, he’ll stay injured through next week (thanks Nebraska!).

    We See Green is at home after losing to it’s little brother last week in the Brawl for it All. Bring on all GAC imposters. The SR 3 final will be in St. Joseph between MIAA foes. #D2FB

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