Swami the Magazine: Easy As Pie

Greetings and welcome to another Thanksgiving Week edition of Swami the Magazine! The good folks at StM Headquarters are looking forward to wrapping this week up a little early so they’ve been hard at work putting together this special edition of StM. There is rarely a shortage of ideas for what theme to use during Thanksgiving Week, it becomes more about narrowing it down to just one idea. This year, The Swami cast his tie-breaking vote in favor of one of the Official Father of the Guru & Swami’s favorite things… Pie. As such we have paired each matchup with a tasty pie simply to try and make you salivate and gain weight just thinking about them. (You’re welcome).

But before we get to the tasty delights, it’s important to make sure everyone understands something. Georgia Tech fans HATE the University of Georgia as an institution. Not a mild disdain or something that goes and comes. It’s there and it’s there all of the time. We don’t hold it against folks that they couldn’t cut it at Tech and had to go somewhere lesser, but we do hold it against the institution. Ok, just wanted to be sure you knew that. (One of my favorite images from the week… the uniforms that would be most fitting for the Bulldogs to sport this weekend…) Clean Old Fashioned Hate 2012… Go Jackets…Pull off a Miracle!


Now you will notice a few different things with the helmets this week. The Swami knows that High School football is beginning to wrap up around the country and High School football is the breeding ground for our future college and professional football players, so he thought it would be fun to begin sprinkling in some high school football helmets that pay homage to their college and professional counterparts. And naturally because there are so many high schools in the country, he just may continue to do this for the rest of the season… mainly because it amuses him. So enjoy pondering what your wardrobe might look like if your favorite college team had elected the same color schemes as some of these high schools!

Now, it’s time for The Pies!! er… The Picks!!

Now from all of us at StM to all of you… have a Happy Thanksgiving with your families and friends and make sure to be thankful all year round.

And to our troops serving here and abroad, we are thankful for you and hope you come back safely to your family and friends soon.

Until next time… The Swami!!



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