The Sordive Bland Goulash

The Skillet (What’s hot this week in sports)

  • Saints @ Falcons – This is a must win for the Saints if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive, while the Falcons want to avenge their only loss of the season in the House that Matt Ryan owns.
  • Steelers @ Ravens – The best rivalry in the NFL right now is full of intrigue this week as the Steelers try to stay on the playoff fringe with either a banged up Ben Roethlisberger or an old Charlie Batch.
  • Giants @ Redskins (brought to you by the #10)– Their first meeting a few weeks back was an amazing finish by both Quarterbacks in what many hope will be a preview of things to come for many years. Round two should be equally as intriguing.
  • Nebraska @ Wisconsin – Can Nebraska win their first Big X+IV title in only their second year and make the Rose Bowl or will Wisconsin avenge their early season loss and win one for the old guard?
  • UCLA @ Stanford – Stanford won the game with UCLA at the Rose Bowl last week to get to host UCLA this week for the chance of going to the Rose Bowl. That never gets old to me.
  • Alabama @ Georgia – Not much to say about this other than the winner goes to the BCS Championship Game and the loser doesn’t make the BCS. So there’s a little on the line…
  • Ohio State @ Duke – Oh, this is in basketball if you are wondering why you should care about Duke. A midweek matchup between two Top 5 teams in the ACC-B1G Challenge should be fantastic. This game is important to the ACC as they have stumbled out of the gate in this year’s challenge and need this one in a big way.

The Guru’s Grammar Corner

This public service announcement is brought to you by Little Amy and Mel’s Kitchen Café. For those who may not know, if you want to say that a dish is somewhat bland (and you are diametrically opposed to using the word somewhat), the phrase is “sort of bland”, not “sordive bland”. Thank you, and have a lovely day.

The Department of Déjà vu –

Not that this will turn out the same, but the QB situation in San Francisco has a very similar feeling to the situation in New England back in 2001. You have a veteran QB (Alex Smith playing the part of Drew Bledsoe) who was playing effectively and then got injured. You have a rookie QB (Colin Kapernick playing the part of Tom Brady) who steps in and plays very well. Then the coach (Jim Harbaugh will be playing the part of Bill Belichek) has to make a difficult decision when the veteran gets healthy and also has to keep him engaged in case the rookie gets hurt later and he has to step in and, perhaps, win the Conference Championship game for the team. Considering San Francisco’s playoff potential we could conceivably see that same scenario from 2001 play out on the opposite coast. It could be very interesting.

The Fantasy D’oh!

Congrats to fantasy players (or NFL QB’s depending on how you want to look at it) this week. I had to go down to the 7th best QB of the week before I found one that was started in fewer than 59% of leagues. The most interesting thing about QB’s this week was that the recent weak play of expected preseason studs led to the following starting percentages this week:

  • Cam Newton – 71.2%
  • Tony Romo – 59.1%
  • Matthew Stafford – 71.2%
  • Eli Manning – 62.4%

Now Running Backs had more diamonds in the rough as we have seen in past weeks:

  • #1 RB of the week – Bryce Brown – Started in 5.9% of leagues
  • #3 RB of the week – Shane Vereen – Started in 11.5% of leagues
  • #4 RB of the week – Michael Bush – Started in 15.9% of leagues

The Tight End position is clearly the hardest one for folks to know what to do with as exemplified by the fact that of the Top 14 Tight Ends this week, only 2 were started in over 50% of leagues and NEITHER were started in over 60%. Not only was that true, but 8 of the 14 were started in less than 0.2% of leagues! Congratulations to the Charles Clay of the Miami Dolphins for being the first weekly Top Performer to be started in 0.0% of ESPN leagues!!

For the sake of comparison here is this week’s Equation of the Week:

Rob Gronkowski + Jimmy Graham + Vernon Davis + Antonio Gates + Brent Celek + Tony Gonzalez + Ben Watson + Anthony Fasano = Charles Clay

Tweets of the Week:

@Foltztrombonist – I just realized that my last tweet had extremely bad grammar, I apologize. – If only the whole world were wired so well…

@McMurphyESPN – Can’t wait for Thursday’s Louisville-Rutgers football game. Better known as the ACC-Big Ten Challenge – See, it’s funny because both teams are currently in the Big East, but leaving… And the ACC-Big Ten challenge is going on in basketball… and… well, maybe I should pick tweets that don’t have to be explained…


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