Fantasy Realities – Change is Coming

Before I go straight Fantasy Football discussion on you, I thought I’d give you some humor with our

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@BillyButlerKC – Hey Powerball winner/Royals fan in MO…feel free to drop some $$$ off at the stadium… it will be put to good use! #pitching #spreadthelove

@McMurphyESPN – Kentucky says ticket office got 400 calls Wednesday w/Mark Stoops hiring. Heck, Kelvin Sampson used to make that many calls per hour

Fantasy Realities

What’s Old is New Again

This preseason there was a lot of discussion surrounding how there had been a shift from Running Backs being the key players to get early to Quarterbacks being a whole lot more important. This season something has emerged that will change that again before next season’s draft. The Quarterbacks have lived up to their billing, but what changed is HOW MANY Quarterbacks have delivered at a high level. The Top 10 (there is a tie at #10) players in fantasy this year are Quarterbacks and the per game difference between the #1 and #10 QB is a mere 4.7 points per week (56 total points) for a position where you start only 1 player. The difference between the #1 and #10 RB is 5.3 points per week (64 total points) for a position where you start 2 to 3 players per week. The difference between the #1 and #20 backs is 8 points per week and nearly 100 total points. As a comparison, the difference between the #1 and #20 Wide Receivers is only 5.5 points per week and 66 total points.  Additionally, every RB in the Top 20 was drafted in most leagues, while there are at least a couple of the top 20 receivers that were not. Just know that quality Running Backs will be at a premium once again in 2013.

The Fantasy Doh!

Quarterbacks – It’s always interesting when 3 of the Top 5 at a position are started in fewer than 23% of leagues…

  • #1 – Andrew Luck – Started in only 22.1% of leagues
  • #3 – Russell Wilson – Started in only 3.2% of leagues
  • #5 – Carson Palmer – Started in only 16.6% of leagues
  • #6 – Jay Cutler – Started in only 10.1% of leagues
  • #9 – Brady Quinn – Started in 0.0% of leagues…scored the same as Robert Griffin III

Running Backs – There really aren’t too many egregious missteps with the backs. A couple had low starting percentages because of their injury status and folks hedged their bets… I can’t fault that.

  • #2 – Bryce Brown – Started in 55.6% of leagues
  • #3 (tie) – Matt Forte & Demarco Murray – Started in 66.1 & 32.4% of leagues respectively
  • #6 (tie) – James Starks – Started in only 1.6% of leagues

Wide Receivers – Again, not too many travesties here.

  • #2 – Donnie Avery – Started in only 1.8% of leagues. Helps when his QB was #1.
  • #6 – Josh Gordon – Started in only 9.7% of leagues

Tight Ends – As usual, this is the hardest position to call. It’s like trying to nail Jell-o to a tree.

  • #1 – Brandon Myers – Started in only 11.7% of leagues. Ok people…he’s been pretty good for a while now…
  • #2 – Heath Miller – Started in only 43.2% of leagues
  • #3 – Martellus Bennett – Started in only 21.7% of leagues
  • #4 (tie) – Tony Moeaki & Kyle Rudolph – Started in 0.3 and 27.8% of leagues respectively

Fantasy Doofuses (I was hoping that Doofi was the plural, but it isn’t)

I’ve determined that between 33-40% of Fantasy players in the country play in leagues with at least one person who is officially to be branded a Fantasy Doofus who should subsequently be kicked out of that league prior to next year. How did I come up with that number? I took the list of marquee folks that were known to be not playing this week that didn’t play last week either and decided to see how many leagues they were started in. These 5 all landed in a range that is both staggering and probably a good benchmark for the % of leagues with “dead wood” in them. And note…they were all started in substantially more leagues than the #1 QB, the #2 WR, and the #1 TE this week.

  • Michael Vick – Started in 33% of leagues
  • LeSean McCoy – Started in 47.7% of leagues
  • Darren McFadden – Started in 43.5% of leagues
  • Percy Harvin – Started in 34.1% of leagues
  • Rob Gronkowski – Started in 40.7% of leagues

Fantasy MORON

Oh, that’s me… because after Week 8 I traded Calvin Johnson for Roddy White. Calvin had scored fewer than 6 fantasy points in 3 of 4 weeks and Stafford was struggling. Since then? He has AVERAGED 21 points per week.  As for Roddy? He’s had back to back weeks under 6 points leading up to my playoffs and hasn’t scored a TD since the trade. So make sure to take my advice with a grain of salt!!


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  1. BuckeyeWill receives the runner up “Fantasy MORON” award for leaving Josh Gordon and Demarco Murrary on the bench this past week. Fortunately, Amhad Bradshaw had 116 total yards. If Mr. Bradshaw had 124 yards, BuckeyeWill sits in the basement of the league.

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