Swami the Magazine: 2012-13 College Bowl Preview

Welcome to the annual Bowl Preview edition of Swami the Magazine! As we have in recent years, we give you the predictions of the Swami & the Guru for EVERY single one of the 448 bowl games! This year The Guru came up with the idea of giving you a little something more. There will be a minor tweak to the scoring system of who has the best bowl season. Beginning with 2012, the First Family of Prognostication will each give you 5 Stone Cold Lead Pipe Locks*, guaranteed to be accurate and (queue dramatic music) 1 of them WILL be wrong since there will be 1 SCLPL game where the two men disagree!  Each of the SCLPL games will be worth 2 correct or incorrect games instead of just 1.

*The term Stone Cold Lead Pipe Locks has been coined by ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning and may or may not be copyrighted by them. So we use this with our apologies, and a promise that if our site (which makes no money) hits were to actually eclipse 200 hits per week in a 4 column week, we will work really hard to come up with our own unique term. Please take our plagiarism as a compliment….

**Tangent: How is Capitol One Bowl Week the best you can come up with as a moniker for the bowl season that encompasses a 16 day period?! ESPN…YOU have a BIG marketing department! Work on it…

Now as far as the picks themselves go, you will be getting a mixture of analysis, corny jokes, references to some of the gifts the players are getting from the bowls (which you can see a full list of if you visit The Sports Business Journal), and references to the Bowl Sponsors. If you can’t figure out what I’m talking about, just bounce it off those four categories and it should help you out. If it doesn’t then just remember that the Swami is crazy(…his mom had him tested).

(Side Note: The folks here at StM headquarters mock many of the sponsorship names, but we are completely open to a sponsorship of the Bowl Preview Edition in the future. In fact, a headline of Swami the Magazine presents the See’s Candies Bowl Preview Edition looks REALLY good!! Just remember that Official Uncle-in-Law of the Swami!)

Ok, so enough grovelling and goofiness… here’s what you’ve all been waiting for…


Bowl Preview

So enjoy the Bowl Season, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone here at Swami the Magazine!!!

Until then… THE SWAMI!!


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