The Weekender Mini (Dec 15-17)

To keep things in the Christmas spirit, this week’s edition of The Weekender will have a Rising, but we will gloss over the Fallen of this weekend in sports and give those fine folks a pass. (Awww… we’re so sweet! Merry Christmas!) So here’s your iWeekender Mini!

The Rising

49ers v. Patriots viewers – It’s always fantastic when one of “those” games happen. The games that epitomize why we love the game of football. The Sunday Night game this weekend had many of the elements that make it great.

  • The young kid trying to make a name for himself in a hostile environment, trying to prove that his coach was right to trust him.
  • The wiley veteran trying to prove that he’s still the best in the game.
  • Two teams looking stake a claim at being the best in their Conference.
  • The seemingly insurmountable deficit that turns into a masterful comeback.
  • The faltering team regaining their footing to fend off the final comeback push.
  • The final hope coming in the form of an onside kick.
  • All of the above happening in poor weather.

It was some truly great theater!

The Atlanta Falcons – After falling flat against Carolina last weekend, people started piling on that the Falcons just aren’t ready for prime time. The joke was thrown out quickly that they were truly in playoff form. These are the times that try men’s souls…wait… ok, quoting Thomas Paine for this is probably a bit of overkill. Anyway, what it did was put an edge on the Falcons going into this week’s practices. Everyone was a bit “salty” according to one player. The result? A 34-0 destruction of the defending Super Bowl champion (and at the time NFC East leader) the New York Football Giants. This is the second time this season that the Falcons have been tested in a manner where they have failed in past years and this year they did not. I don’t know what it will mean for the playoffs, but if the defense that showed up yesterday shows up in the playoffs, I think the Dirty Birds have a pretty decent chance of coming out of the NFC.

3/4 of the NFC West – The Falcons, Saints, and Panthers combined to win their games 106-7. WOW.

Adrian Peterson – Last week I marveled at how in 13 games this season Adrian Peterson had run for 1600 yards and 10 touchdowns and we haven’t even reached the 1 year anniversary of his ACL/MCL tear. I marveled again at how amazing it was given the fact that teams know he’s getting the ball often. During this past week he was quoted as saying that he fully believed that he would get over 2000 yards rushing and would possibly contend for the single season rushing record, which, one would assume would be used as bulletin board material for a defense that was in the middle of the league in rushing defense. I’m sure it was. Given the ineptitude of the Vikings’ passing offense, you would assume that would make for tough running for “All Day” (Peterson’s nickname since he was a small child due to his abundance of energy). All he did was average 8.8 yards per carry on his way to 212 yards rushing and 1 TD. So 14 games into the season, Peterson already has the best season of his career and he still hasn’t hit the 1 year anniversary of his injury.

Russell Wilson – This has quickly become a 3 stud Rookie QB class. Russell Wilson has been on fire the past few weeks and this Sunday was quite a crescendo. 205 passing yards and 1 TD to go with 92 rushing yards and 3 TD’s. Not a bad day at the office as he led his Seahawks to a 50-17 victory and tightened their grip on an NFC playoff spot. Let it be noted that the first pre-season game where Wilson began to tighten his grip on the starting job was the one he played with the Swami in the crowd…presumably inspiring him to greatness.

The Swami – When the Swami picked Arizona as his first “Stone Cold Lead Pipe Lock” he didn’t anticipate jinxing the Wildcats to the point of them going down 13 points with 1:48 left in the game. But apparently there’s no power in the ‘verse that can stop the first SCLPL from coming true! Arizona somehow figured out how to score a TD, recover an onside kick, and score another TD in the final 46 seconds of the game to give the Swami (and the Guru) a correct call on the first game of Capital One Bowl Month! (Oh, this could have been about Arizona too…)

Tweets of the Week

(Regarding the Jets/Titans Monday Night Game) @kurt13warner – 18 pass yrds 4 the Jets? I still think I could do better than that even AFTER eating all this PeanutButter & Choc covered popcorn!

(Following the Hamilton & Greinke signings) @TheRealJGuts – Expect heavy traffic on I-5 as usual going forward, only now the majority of vehicles will be Brinks trucks. #Angels&Dodgers

(Kudos to my sister-in-law’s cousin!) @Huskers – Congrats to @Huskervball Gina Mancuso for being named #Huskers 302nd Academic All-American! #GBR

(Best tweet regarding the 121212 benefit concert) @GlenWien – This is the Rolling Stones 3rd #121212concert after their show during the war of 1812 & the benefit they did after the Titanic sank in 1912

(When news began to break about the defections of 7 Big East basketball schools) @TornCartledge – At this point even Fidel Castro is stunned at the rate of defections from the Big East #TheVaticanVII #BigLeast #ByeBye

(The return of Google Maps made news even in a galaxy far far away) @DeathStarPR – Now Google Maps for iOS is back, we can finally find our way out of this asteroid field near Alderaan that totally appeared from nowhere.

@FauxJohnMadden – If you took 12/12/12 and divided it by three you’d get 4/4/4.. BRETT FAVRE!

(Curt Schilling sharing a sentiment I fully agree with) @gehrig38 – As murky as the ballot may be, one thing is clear, one of the most dominant players of the ’80’s Dale Murphy, deserves to be in the HOF

(Regarding the Jets/Titans Monday Night Game) @TonyDungy – This game is the best argument against expanding the playoff field. Do we really want to see this kind of football in January?


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