James & the Swamette (+1) – Conference Championship Picks

We are getting down to the final weeks of the season and the kids can see the finish line in sight. Last week the Swamette came up short in both of her picks, but James nailed both of his. So this week James is going to pick the games (his are the official predictions) and the Swamette is going to pick who would win if this were a storybook like Pinkalicious.

AFC Championship – Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots

This is a rematch from last year’s AFC Championship game where New England came out on top. This game is in Foxboro which will make it tough on the visiting Ravens once again. So what do the kids think will happen? James is leaning on history and sees a Patriots team that has handled the Ravens recently and that has an offense that seems to have an answer for each defense they face. James says Patriots 38-28.

The Swamette sees that if the Ravens win, you will have great storylines with either NFC winner. It’s brother vs. brother if San Francisco wins or Hall of Famer vs. Hall of Famer in their last respective game as well as a matchup of QB’s forever linked if Atlanta wins. For the best story, the Swamette says Ravens 31-28

NFC Championship – San Francisco 49ers vs. Atlanta Falcons

The #1 seed vs. the #2 seed hasn’t happened a lot recently, but it has happened in the NFC this year. As James looked at this, he sees a 49ers team led by the type of quarterback that Atlanta has struggled with all season including last week. He also sees a superior defense. James has to go with the 49ers 34-24

The Swamette sees a Falcons team that now has all of the pressure off their shoulders that is playing with a loud home field advantage facing a quarterback with less than 1 year of NFL starting experience. She also sees parallels with the ’98 season when the Falcons were not expected to win, but pulled it out in overtime. For the best story, and a happy daddy, the Swamette says Falcons 30-28 (again).

The Week That Was: 140 Characters at a Time

This week has been crazy. If you wanted to squeeze in an admission of guilt about something, this is the week to do it because it will be overshadowed 15 minutes later by someone else lying. So whether you flip-flopped on where you want to work (while there is a pending NCAA investigation…sound familiar Pete Carroll?!) or introduced the wider world to the term “catfishing” while revealing that you’ve redefined what an ex-girlfriend could be or you disclosed that you have been lying vehemently for YEARS and defrauding plenty of people while really bringing attention and resources to a cause that deserves positive attention, you have contributed to a crazy week. And when a week is crazy, Twitter goes crazy, so here’s some of the fun!

@JeffDarlington – Wackiness of Te’o story defined by Randy Moss, casually at locker, dubbing it “craziest thing I’ve heard in a while.” THAT says something!

@TornCartledge – “Pretending your own son is deathly ill to take down Georgia Tech is an offense 1,000x worse than making up a dead girlfriend” #Rockne #Te’o (my favorite quote from an article that brought up a story from back in the 20’s when Knute Rockne of Notre Dame lied to his own players about his son’s health to motivate them to beat the Yellow Jackets. His son was just fine)

@RJ51Photos (Randy Johnson) – @Mthorn10: I’ve always wondered what went through you’re mind when you hit that bird? 🙂 – Oops… Next !! – I had always wondered about this… Here’s the video if you aren’t familiar

@wrightthompson – “@GrantWahl – Sporting KC finally getting a shirt sponsor today. (Presuming it won’t be Livestrong.)” – Please be The Quaff

@TornCartledge – She [Te’o’s “girl”] was the creation of the same computer program that had ND #1 AFTER the BCS title game!! #TeoConfessional

@jemelehill: I also can’t think of a stranger sight than Notre Dame having a press conference about a non-existent girlfriend.

@MensHumor – On the bright side, A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend is definitely real!

Someone with a great sense of humor posted this in a newspaper in response to the hit of the bowl season…clowney

@sethmeyers21 – These Te’o jokes are all very funny but let’s all try and remember that a person who never existed is dead.

@MookieBlaylock – @MatthewBerryTMR Over/under on how many fantasy teams are going to be called “Manti Te’o’s Girlfriends” next year?

@TornCartledge – New England Rookie Hazing (I assume): Props to @Rachel__Nichols for the shot. #BootsByGiseleIPresume #OnsiesRuleHazing

(Happy to welcome our new AD to Atlanta)@GTAthletics – New #GaTech AD Mike Bobinski is the current chair NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee. He will officially begin on April 1.

@KBDeuce4 “S/O to Chip…I know you will do great because we know the secrete to success!”Kids…this is why spelling is important… it’s the difference between ‘something meant to be unknown’ and ‘a fluid discharge’.

@JimGaffigan: If anything the Lance Armstrong confession confirms my belief that exercise leads to deceitful behavior.

@samsteeleponder – Should have played pool with @cponder7 before I married him. This. Is. Embarrassing. #redflagImissed

@TornCartledge – Great Headline Writing!!: Did Google run over a donkey in Botswana?

@sbnation If you have a business card, it’s not nearly as unique as James Franklin’s – The star even detatches…Vcard

@johnlcooper – Ok I’ve decided.if i have to choose between being a jedi or a pirate, i DEFINITELY choose to be a jedi…who looks like a pirate

@TornCartledge – Annette Schavan, Germany’s Education Minister may have her doctorate revoked by the Univ of Dusseldorf, due to plagiarism. #DoAsISay #Wow

Have a great weekend and go Westside Amazing Technicolor Show Choir!


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