The Weekender (Super Edition)

It was a Super weekend in sports and after all of the bludgeoning of storylines, there was plenty to enjoy from the weekend. Oh, and only 1 week until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training!

The Rising

Joe Flacco – Obviously winning the Super Bowl and the MVP of the game would put him on this list, but being willing to leave a contract extension on the table last offseason in favor of playing it out and hoping for an even better new deal was a gamble. And now we know it was a gamble that will pay off in spades! Oh, and I’m pretty sure no one will ever question his arm strength again.

Jacoby Jones – After last year the Texans felt that Jacoby was expendable. On the biggest stage in the game, Jones proved his worth to the Ravens to the tune of a 56 yard catch-fall-get-up-juke-score TD followed by the 2nd half opening 108 yard kickoff return for a touchdown.Ravens

Ed Reed – Droves of people seemed to believe that Reed had already won a ring with the Ravens, but he actually wasn’t on the 2000 team and he was desperately working in hopes of getting one. Then he got injured and there were questions about if he would return. All he did was get an interception and cause the incompletion on the 9ers 2-pt attempt that would have tied the game. All in what was quite possibly his final game as a Raven.

John Harbaugh – Not good enough to make it to the league as a player, the elder Harbaugh strove to be the best in the coaching profession. And that’s exactly what he did. I do feel for him for having to beat his brother to do it. This quote (reported by SI’s Peter King) summarized the mixed emotions John had very well: “I am totally devastated for my brother,” John Harbaugh said. “It’s strange — I don’t really feel emotion right now. No tears. I never thought you could feel 100 percent elation and 100 percent devastation at the same time. But I learned tonight you can.”

The Swami – For the 2nd time in 3 seasons The Swami’s pre-season prediction for Super Bowl Champion came true! If this sounds like someone tooting his own horn… well it is!!

P.O.D. – The rap-rock group out of Southern California will make some royalty money today as their song “Lights Out” becomes an anthem for the Super Bowl. I doubt Mike & Mike were the only show to roll it out today.

Buffalo Wild Wings – Enough people were wondering if we were seeing a BWW commercial come to life when the blackout hit that it had to be good for the chain. And the marketing company had to love the correlation.  Bdubs

Indiana – In front of a sold-out LOUD home crowd, the Hoosiers were able to take down the #1 team in the country on a weekend where #2 also lost. The path should be clear for them to reclaim the top spot. It’s good to have a Harbaugh for a coach, even if it’s a Harbaugh-in-Law.

Colin Kaepernick – I’m sure he is unhappy today, but he acquitted himself very well and will likely only get better from here. And when you go from a backup out of Nevada to starting the Super Bowl and nearly leading an epic comeback all in one season, things are looking up.

David Akers’ Acting Career – Holy buckets… how did anyone fall for the Akers flop?!  The commentators seemed convinced that he had gotten hit even a half-hour later. Definitely Golden Globe material.

Jennifer Hudson – I think it’s fair to say that if you need an emotional, huge, impactful musical performance these days there is really only one option. Everything else just pales in comparison to when Jennifer Hudson lets it rip. Very impressive.

Tide (Commercial)– A Top 3 commercial in my opinion for the Joe Montana stain. The Ravens twist at the end was the icing on the cake.

Oreo (Commercial)– The Whisper fight commercial cracked me up. Good times. And kudos to you for not doing another commercial about the professional licking league or whatever that was with the Mannings & Williams’ from past years.

Dodge (Commercial)– I’ve heard contradictory opinions on this, but the use of Paul Harvey’s discussion of farmers was a winner to me. Loved it.

We Are the Fallen

Unemployment in New Orleans – I feel confident that someone in New Orleans lost their job today for the Debacle in the Dome last night. Unless, as conspiracy theorists might postulate, CBS pulled the plug to get more ad revenue and to try to make the game a better game…. in which case, someone’s getting a raise.

Jim Harbaugh – It turns out there is a pro equivalent to Bo Pelini’s sideline antics!Jim

Kansas – Just when the #1 team loses and opens the door for you to move to #1, you fall flat at home to your coach’s alma mater. Not good. Of course, I’m sure that Bill Self is just fine with it, because he now has a perfect example of what they need to fix before the tournament and it should serve him well as a teaching moment. And KU fans will be the first to remind you that their loss to OSU was their final loss of the season in 2008 en route to the national championship…

Michigan – The #1 ranking sure can be fleeting…

Phil Simms – I already don’t enjoy listening to Phil, but last night did not help his case. He seemed to fixate on certain things and then completely miss bigger things. Like the fact that the kicker didn’t get touched and he kept talking about him like he’d survived a gladiator duel!

Beck’s Sapphire (Commercial) – Aside from being a goofy waste of 3 million dollars, why would you name something Sapphire and put a red stone on the label?! I looked up what I could about Red Sapphires and here’s the best answer I found:  Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as red sapphire. Red corundum is always called ruby, and any other color of corundum is referred to as sapphire. There are really only a few exceptions to the rule. One exception is corundum that is red-orange or pink-red. It might be called either sapphire or ruby (it’s a judgment call). The other exception is when the red color of the corundum is the result of heat treatment with beryllium. In that case it is normally called sapphire as a reference to its humbler beginnings.

GoDaddy (Commercial) – Mrs. Swami was one of many that definitely would have preferred that GoDaddy not enhance the sound effects from the nerd/model make-out commercial to the levels they did.

The Skillet

Baseball season, here we come!!



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2 replies

  1. Thoughly enjoyed watching Michigan lose on Saturday night. Wonder why?

    No love for the Jeep/Oprah commercial? Or the Bud/Clydedales? Agree 100% on the fallen commercials. Thoughly enjoyed the Nantz and Simms blackout. Clicked over to metric football on Fox Soccer during the blackout. Much more entertaing on the good side than the CBS booth 2 show.

    There should be some sort of law that every Super Bowl play-by-play broadcast is called by Gus Johnson.

    Paul Harvey…Good day.

  2. Completely agree on Gus Johnson. He would have been at Defcon-3 when they scored all those points in 4 minutes.

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