Tweets of the Week – Ides of March Edition

This week has had some interesting happenings on Twitter, so it seemed like a good idea to compile some of them for you. twitter

Notre Dame’s Uni’s Trended –  This first section all happened last night due to Notre Dame’s Uniforms

@TornCartledge – Norte Dame, Baylor, & Cincinnati have set fashion back a century with their uniforms #Hideous

@TurnerSportsEJ – First order of business for the new Pope–do something about those Notre Dame uni’s

@michaelsmith Whatever happened to “look good/play good?” – @Rachel__Nichols: Whatever happened to common decency? There are children at that Notre Dame game

@ChiTribHamilton: Official Pat Driscoll just tossed 2 guys w/front row seats at MSG – @McMurphyESPN – Because his pink shirt clashed w/ND uniforms RT

@slmandel: ND: We had the NC game, the Te’o thing … what could possibly be worse? Adidas: We have something for you

@McMurphyESPN – No one can forget Notre Dame’s final Big East game because uniforms permanently burned into our retinas

@Rachel__Nichols – There’s just no excuse for this.



@SportsNation – We’ve finally found the inspiration for the neon green Notre Dame uniforms:ND2


Ok, let’s move on from that travesty…

Random Tweets (some actually Illustrated)

@DRUDGE_REPORT – Obama meets with Republicans to cut spending… over lobster lunch…

@TornCartledge – Random Fact: Pepe Likes Tacos! – Actual title on a Chinese bootleg DVD of the movie Cocktail, starring Tom Cruise #BetterMovieTitle

@Royals – #Royals top 4 in rotation this spring (Shields, Santana, Guthrie, Davis) have combined for 24.2 innings with 27 K’s and 1 walk. #RoyalsST

@FalconsJAdams – The whole city is excited about Tony Gonzalez’s return #RiseUp TonyG

@TornCartledge – In honor of Michael Bloomberg I now refuse to drink a beverage smaller than 20 oz.and I’m doing it in my cup from MSG #TakeThat

@LaTroyHawkins32 – Mr Rickey said to Jackie . ‘ Your the Medicine everyone needs’ #42 #ThankYouJackie #MLB #AmericanLegend #Greatness

@TornCartledge – Like toward winning! RT @Royals_Report – Shifting Luke Hochevar to the bullpen allows the #Royals a chance to change unit’s dynamics.

@HonestToddler – Parent Tip: Stop thinking of it as whining and start thinking of your toddler as a one-person acapella group.

Papal Humor

@FarrellCharlie – I haven’t seen this many cardinals get excited over one man of God since SuperBowl XLIII. #pope #jaymohrsports @kurt13warner

@JimGaffigan – I think it would be great if Benedict pulled a Favre and came back for one Advent season. Or became the leader of the Episcopalians.

@TornCartledge – More buzz coming from the Big East-Catholic 7-10 conclave than the Vatican’s. It’s like they don’t want their press conf trumped #PapalProbs

@McMurphyESPN – It’s an oldie but … if it’s white smoke Catholic 7 adding Butler, Xavier & Creighton; if gray smoke it’s pulled pork


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