The Goulash – April Showers Edition

It’s been a while since there was a heaping bowl of goulash, but after the past couple of weeks, I just can’t think of another way to touch on it all. There will be Tweets. There will be Commentary. There will be recaps. There will be movie notes. All in all, it’s just a heaping helping of Goulash .

Mad Love

There’s not much I can say that hasn’t already been said about the folks in Boston. With 2 brothers-in-law that are firefighters my thoughts always go to the first responders and the bravery that they display, and I’m very thankful for all of them. Also, kudos to everyone for the outpouring of love and support for the people of Boston. The displays by the Yankees were really touching and fitting. I also loved hearing that the Braves fans took it upon themselves to break out in Sweet Caroline last night… and apparently Neil Diamond did as well!


And my favorite quick response to support those in need after the senseless violence came from new Patriots’ receiver Danny Amendola


Pretty cool.

Rick Pitino – Lord of the Dance

Seriously… he found out he was going into the Hall of Fame the same day he won the National Championship for his second different school in the same state. The only downside was that he promised his kids he’d get a tattoo if they won it all! Whoops…


Husker Pride

There are moments that make you proud as a fan of various things and I really couldn’t be happier to be a Husker fan after the past couple of weeks. During Rex Burkhead’s career at Nebraska we were introduced to Jack Hoffman and his battle with life threatening illness. Well, Rex graduated but the Huskers have kept up what Rex started…

And then as a cool footnote, even Upper Deck trading cards figured out how to make the story even better but creating this card…


(Though as a footnote… If you need a picture of what is wrong with the NCAA… you can probably find it in this comment that was part of the Upper Deck press release related to this card… “Upper Deck does not want to risk Jack’s amateur status with the NCAA so the card we created will not be part of a mainstream trading card release.”)

Masters Degree

After watching some guys try to lose the Masters, it was great to see Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera finish strong, each getting a birdie on 18 to force an exciting playoff. And great job by Adam Scott to get the job done on the second playoff hole. Too bad everyone was still focused on whether or not someone should be disqualified for dropping a ball 2 feet BEHIND where he should have. I think Andy Roddick said it best on Sunday morning:


42 – The Movie

I saw the movie tonight and I was far from disappointed. While it wasn’t perfect, and there was probably a little extra love for Branch Rickey than necessary, and perhaps there could have been even more focus on Jackie, I’m very happy with the way that the movie was done. The acting by Chadwick Boseman was spectacular as Jackie. He was hands down the breakout star of the film. The filmmaker did do a good job of really making the audience uncomfortable (in one scene in particular) and deservedly so. It is a must see film. (And once you do, I think you should also go out of your way to read the story of Jackie’s first season. It’s a fantastic read.)


The MLB Season – 2 Weeks In

  • Here are some quick thoughts from the early baseball season –
  • Zack… go Nolan Ryan on CQ and not Brian Urlacher…it will preserve your body.
  • The Braves are pretty good and I’m pretty sure Justin Upton is enjoying the change of scenery as well as playing with his big brother
  • The Royals did not start 0-10 at home!!!! (Oh, and things are off to a decent start!)
  • “I can’t believe the Cubs, Marlins, and Astros are bad!!” – Said No One
  • It’s amazing what can happen when you don’t hate your manager and half of your teammates, eh Red Sox!?!
  • Apparently the Angels didn’t learn their lesson about slow April starts last year.
  • Joe Mauer… professional hitter.
  • Jose Reyes… you and the rest of the league should probably run your hardest against Salvador Perez

Random Tweets Illustrated






Ok, that last one was funny, yet painful as both a Braves & Royals fan…

Good Timing

Finding the right night to go to a baseball game outdoors in Minneapolis in April is not an easy feat… but when you pull it off, it’s pretty sweet. Now if only the pitchers could have found the strike zone so the first 6 innings didn’t last 3 hours…


Just Because – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer


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