Random Thoughts Illustrated – 4/25/13

Some days you have one thought that you want to say a lot about and other days, well you just have random thoughts. So here we go!

Fashion Forward

NFL Draft Week is becoming a prime time for teams to unveil new uniforms and this season is no different. Three teams rolled out new unis this week and I have some quick thoughts on them:


Holy buckets what did they do?! The helmet is TERRIBLE. A two-tone helmet is a bad idea. The different colored sleeves are a bad idea. The font is a nyeh idea. All in all? Epic fail. Here’s hoping for the sake of their fans it’s not a sign of things to come.

 Jags Helmet    Jags


I’ll start by saying, it’s better than Jacksonville. The new logo has grown on me to the point that I no longer have any complaint. The reduction in the use of orange as an accent is a bit disappointing, but not earth-shattering. The font is nothing great but not awful. The only thing that I really don’t like is the “Miami” across the top of the rear end. Definitely unnecessary.



Of the three, I’ll go ahead and call the Vikings the winner. The helmet wins big points with me. Going with the matte finish with the Vikings logo/colors just looks really good. I’m a fan of using purple pants with the white jerseys. The shoulder and leg stripes are decent. The complaint I have is simply with the numbers. I don’t like the flourish/serif/points on the left side numbers. It’s not the worst thing, but I just don’t like it. The bizarre part is that the left and right numbers are treated differently, and then it appears that the front and back numbers are treated differently (check Greenway’s 2 on front vs. back). It seems really odd. But again, overall it is an upgrade.

Viking Back Viking Front

Tweets of the Week – A Baker’s Dozen of Goodness

From the category of… “That’s a good point I never would have thought of…”


From the category of… “Harry Connick Jr. may be cheesier than I am!”

ConnickT2 ConnickT

From the category of… “It does seem like a logical sequel to ‘Before He Cheats’… call it ‘After He Cheats'”


From the category of… “It’s good to be part of Duck Dynasty”

JaseTFrom the category of… “I’m not a fan of Global Warming”


From the category of… “Thanks to those who Serve and Protect”ServeT

From the category of… “Back in my Day…”PosT

From the category of… “Do you think anyone that works for NASCAR really understands how little 3 grams too light would impact the speed of a car?!?! GRAMS!!”


From the category of… “I’m guessing Luke Joeckel’s agent will point this out”DraftT

From the category of… “That’s too true”ToddlerT

From the category of… “I’m enjoying this Braves’ season!”

UptonT UptonT2

Instant Draft Thoughts

The first round isn’t even over as I write this, but here’re some quick thoughts –

  • Chiefs – Did what they needed to and probably have moved closer to moving Brandon Albert. We’ll give them a passing grade for now.
  • Offensive Linemen – 3 out of the first 4 picks were tackles. It was a meat & potatoes draft.
  • Lions – I am very simply not a fan of taking players with little experience that everyone falls in love with at the combine. I’m calling that a bad pick now.
  • Bills – Everyone was thinking that the Bills would try to move down and grab a QB… just not THAT QB! E.J. Manuel going as the first QB was a shock.
  • Falcons – Needed a Corner and did what they needed to do to get a quality one.
  • Vikings – Walking away with 3 1st rounders is a victory. Getting help on the D-Line, Secondary, and a WR is big for the Purple People Eaters.

App of the Week

I’m not typically a Yahoo guy, but the coolest app of this week is the new Yahoo! Weather app. Visually appealing and well designed, it’s the best use of $0.00 you can find this week.

photo (1) photo


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