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Greetings and Welcome to the 15th season of college football picks from Swami the Magazine!! 


It’s hard to believe that The Swami has been making picks for 15 years now, but this is no time to rest on our laurels and eat cake. Well, some cake or tasty chocolate chip cookies would be nice, but I digress. It’s time to shake the rust off from the offseason and get to what we do best around here…give you slightly above average picks with a side of some of mirth and cheese!
college football

If you’ve been away too long or are new to the StM family (and you are definitely not the only new member of the StM family…but more on that in a minute) I thought I would start with our annual overview of who we are and what we do here at StM:

+ The Swami will pick most of the Top 25 games and some special interest games of STM subscribers each week. He adds some level of commentary and/or humor to each matchup.

+ The Guru (the official Brother and Legal counsel of the Swami) will pick one game against the Swami each week.

+ Previously, James and the Swamette (the official offspring of the Swami) would pick 4 NFL games (Kansas City, Atlanta, and two others typically) each week once the NFL season starts. This offseason, however, there was an addition (and a cute one at that!) to The Swami’s family so now the NFL picks will be presented by James and the Swamettes!

+ And then periodically we get visits from folks like Mrs. Swami, the Homunculus of Hennepin County, Mo Money Mo Hart, and others just to keep things interesting.

So now that you are back up to speed on who we are, let’s get to the heart of what we do. Most weeks the StM staff will spend our staff meeting coming up with a theme for that week’s picks for some additional levity. (As I always warn, if you are looking for hard hitting analysis on each game, you should probably read one of the folks that get paid to do that for a living). This week in the staff meeting, once everyone got done expressing their joy that they hadn’t wasted any time watching Miley Cyrus’ descent into Skankonia, the StM crew decided that a Summer Movie recap would be a great way to bid adieu to the summer and ring in the official beginning of fall. So with that decided we set out to find just the right movie to fit with each game just for you. So with all that being said, let’s get to the main event… It’s time for The Picks! movie_night

(Tangent: If you need a little something extra to get you in the mood before you read the picks, this article by Gene Wojciechowski on ESPN.com definitely got my juices flowing for the season, so feel free to peruse it and then come back –  http://espn.go.com/college-football/preview13/story/_/id/9590621/100-things-love-most-college-football)


Until next time… The Swami!!


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