Swami the Magazine: Quack it Up

Welcome to the second edition of StM’s Crystal Anniversary season. Last week proved that the old adage is still as true as ever: When in doubt, pick against the Swami on Thursday night! Oy ve. Anyway, after that things got a bit better for him (most likely because he didn’t pick the Iowa or Iowa State games to go along with his poor UNC & K-State picks) with it reaching a crescendo Saturday night with a Clemson victory over that other team! All in all, it was a good weekend of football (notwithstanding Nebraska’s repeated attempts to lose their game). But that weekend is over, so it is time to move on! This week the NFL also joins the fray so we have the season debut of James & the Swamettes!pigskin

This week the StM Staff was mulling over the decision of what theme to use when two random conversations served as a moment of inspiration. The first conversation was regarding The Swami’s well-groomed facial hair and the second conversation was with Mrs. Swami regarding a redneck triathlon. (That would be Fishing, Poker, and Skeet Shooting if you are unfamiliar). Instantly it became clear that this week’s theme should be Quotes from Duck Dynasty! (Hey, Phil played QB in college, so it fits!) Now if you are unfamiliar with the show…well, you may be too classy to read this column. That notwithstanding, the quotes don’t need context to make them enjoyable, so sit back and enjoy as we get to The Picks!! (Well…after the special features…)

Duck Dynasty Season 3

Bonus: Thursday Night Special

ThursThe kids didn’t tackle this pick, but I can’t let the first game of the NFL season pass by without weighing in on it. The Broncos and Ravens kick off the season tonight in Denver with a grudge match from last year’s playoffs. Denver looks to be out for revenge and has the home field and altitude advantages in tonight’s game. On top of that, the Baltimore Defense is without Ray Lewis and Ed Reed for the first time since The Swami had hair, and while they very well may be just fine by mid-season, they still have a lot of gelling to do before they are ready to shut down Peyton. Additionally, Flacco lost his two biggest safety nets in Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta and this will be a tough place to try do develop that chemistry. The Swami says the fighting Peytons take this one. Broncos 27-20

Now it’s REALLY time for The Picks!


Until next time… The Swami!!


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  1. To answer a mailbag question I received… yes those are all real quotes from the show.

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