The Weekender (Sept 7-9)

As always The Weekender is the Swami’s version of “Cliffs Notes” for the weekend that was.

The Rising

The ACC – No one here is even remotely hinting that the ACC is the top football conference in the country. What is being said is that with the birth of the AAC and the scuffling of the Big XII-II, it seems like the ACC may be the #3 football conference in the country with eyes on #2. Clemson’s upset of Georgia, and Miami’s upset of Florida combined with Florida State’s initial performance have definitely raised the profile of the conference for the good.ACC

Chip Kelly – It’s only a one week sample, but there is no doubt that the first week of the Fast Break NFL experiment was a rousing success. It’s likely that we will all hear a lot more about conditioning in the coming weeks than we have in a very long time. Oh, and I’m going to say that Vick, McCoy, and Jackson all seem to be fans of the new world. chip

Kansas City – The Jacksonville Jaguars are not a good team. But when you play bad teams, you should beat them badly and that’s exactly what the Chiefs did. I’m not going to overstate the win as being anything more than 1 win over a bad team, but they did everything Chiefs fans asked for in Week 1. And as a bonus for the city…while no one thinks they can get there, the Royals continue to play well enough to have to be shown in all of the Wild Card Standings graphics on TV. But I’ll stop here before I write 1,000 words declaring my undying devotion for Salvador Perez, Alex Gordon, and Eric Hosmer.

Peyton Manning – There’s really nothing to say that hasn’t already been said by everyone else… Peyton  Manning and the Broncos put on a show unlike any other against a Ravens team that very well may contend for their division before all is said and done this season.  7 Touchdowns and over 450 yards later and not only is Denver an early favorite to win the AFC, but they are also responsible for the death of more than one of my fantasy teams in week 1.

Rafael Nadal – After an injury-filled year last year, Nadal needed a strong showing to announce that he was fully back. He won the French to extend his streak of seasons with at least one Grand Slam title to 9, but since Nadal was born on a clay court, it would take another great performance to really solidify his return. His poor showing at Wimbledon raised more questions, but this weekend’s U.S. Open title over Djokovic was the emphatic statement he needed. He’s back and possibly better than ever with only Federer and Sampras ahead of him on the career Grand Slams list. Nadal

Wrestling – The IOC inexplicably made one of the most flabbergasting decisions in recent memory last year when they removed Wrestling from the Olympics. I won’t go on my rant regarding other sports that were still in while an original sport was out, but suffice it to say, I was not a fan of the decision. Thankfully, after a huge amount of outcry, they rectified the mistake by reinstating it in 2020. Good move IOC. Now get back on reinstating Baseball/Softball next.

We Are the Fallen

Michael Waltrip Racing – After appearing to get two of his cars in the Chase for the Sprint Cup on Saturday night, some good work in the A/V truck at ESPN began to raise some serious questions about the methods used in pulling off that finish. And after further review, NASCAR agreed and hit MWR with some hefty penalties and gave Ryan Newman back the spot in the Chase that he rightfully earned. It’s definitely not the headline that NASCAR wanted to see to start the Chase nor is it going to win MWR any friends in the garage. cheater

Lane & Mack – USC and Texas are well-established programs that are used to winning, and they pay their coaches good money to win those games. I can’t imagine that supporters of those athletic departments are not too pleased with the huge beatdown BYU put on Texas or the pathetic performance by the Trojans in a loss to Washington State. Enjoy the hot seat gentlemen! (And yes Lane, you are hearing cackling coming all the way from Knoxville again).

David Wilson – After winning the starting RB job for the Giants, his #1 competition, Andre Brown, went down for over half of the season with an injury, which virtually guaranteed him his best chance to be an elite back in the NFL. It took him less than a game to convince the Giants that not only is it possible that he’s not cut out for the job, but they should start making some phone calls immediately. Ouch. (For best results, wash, rinse, and repeat this for the Steelers backfield as well) New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

[This space reserved for Johnny Manziel next week when Alabama gets done with him]


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  1. While the ACC has a couple of high profile wins, let’s remember NC State barely escaped FCS Richmond AT HOME on Saturday. Syracuse and Virginia each took a pummeling (by the B1G and Pac-12, respectively). Taj Boyd is the real deal at Clemson.

    For KC, you forgot the 3-0 thrashing of Sporting Kansas City against Columbus. SKC is the tops of the MLS East table. No relegation here.

    Tug of War was original Olympic sport, should we bring it back? Cricket was too.

    Another reason why F1 is better than NASCAR (other than right turns and the way cool technology); no one blinks when a driver obeys team orders. That is why F1 has a constructor’s championship. So American, this idea of playoffs. It penalizes the best driver/team over 3/4 of season in favor of the 2 wild card drivers on the last 10 races. The previous 50 races really don’t count in NASCAR. The good ole’ boys have a nice gimmick.

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