The Weekender (Sept 21-23)

The Rising

Kansas City Royals – Everyone knows it would take a miracle for them to secure a Wild Card spot, but to seal your first winning season in a decade in your last home game, with a walk-off grand slam in a 0-0 game with 2 outs in the bottom of the 10th and a 3-2 count on a kid you traded for at the deadline off your former closer is just too sweet. This season is a success for the boys in blue.Maxwell

Atlanta Braves/Oakland A’s – The Braves started this season with questions about whether this team that finally had no one left from the perennial division championship winning teams of the 90’s and 00’s could return to the top of the East. They did exactly that and, despite being the first team to have two regular players hit below .200 while winning a division, should be a threat to go to the World Series. Meanwhile, the A’s made the playoffs last year and many called it a fluke. They return to the playoffs this year with the division championship and another scary-good team courtesy of the Architect – Billy Beane. I highly recommend not calling it a fluke.

iOS 7 – I’m not going to sit here and try to break down the good and the bad of Apple vs. Android operating systems. All I’m going to do is say that as an Apple iPhone/iPad user I think that iOS 7 is a success and much needed boost to the platform. Now if they can just work on battery life we’ll be golden.ios

Indianapolis Colts – The Colts made a trade midweek to shore up their power running game by acquiring Trent Richardson. They now have the #1 & #3 picks from the 2012 NFL Draft and have instilled hopes that they are back to being the class of the division much quicker than anticipated. The icing on the cake? They destroyed San Francisco on Sunday to make a statement.

Mariano Rivera – Usually you have to be retired to get your number retired and to have a pre-game ceremony in your honor. But not when you are the best that ever was at your position. Sunday, the Yankees honored Mariano Rivera with bringing back his old teammates, retiring his number, and having a nearly 1 hour long ceremony in his honor. Those of you that know me, know that I hate the Yankees, but I have the utmost respect for the last man that will wear #42. If you want to watch the highlights of the ceremony, click here.Mariano

Chicago Bears / Miami Dolphins / Kansas City Chiefs – Coaching and personnel changes were offseason storylines for these teams as well as questions about what good those changes would do. It’s early, but all three fan bases have to be ecstatic about their respective 3-0 starts. Wins over the Steelers, Falcons, and Eagles this week made everyone take notice.

We Are the Fallen

New York Giants – The Giants were preseason favorites in the NFC East and with the Super Bowl at their home stadium this year, I’m sure fans were having visions of a serious home field advantage. Three weeks into the season? They are having visions of…well… the Jets. All is not well in Gotham.eli

Pittsburgh Steelers – Pittsburgh’s offensive line hasn’t been good for quite a few years and any quarterback other than Ben Rotorooter would have either quit or been knocked out of the league by now with their lack of protection. But then when you take the best lineman they have away due to injury and you have a recipe for disaster. That being said, I’ve counted them out too early before, so I’m going to tag them with the best of the 0-3 teams tag and we’ll see if they bounce back again. It doesn’t look good though…

Minnesota Vikings – Wow. After a playoff run last season there were expectations of at least being on par with last season. And then this week happened. After stumbling out of the gate, all Viking fans had to think that facing the Browns with their 3rd string QB and when they just traded their starting RB would spell their first victory and a righting of the ship. After last week’s debacle, the only things Viking fans are thinking about now are the end of the Leslie Frazier era, Johnny Manziel, and the Timberwolves and Wild. (BTW – Adrian Peterson with an assist from his daughter have the tweet of the week – see below)

The Blackshirts – Nebraska has long been known for their defense and the blackshirts were the symbol for when guys had reached that level of the stellar defenses of the past. After giving up over 400 yards to an FCS school, it seems like a good time to take all of those away and issue them pinkshirts until they get their act together. It’s going to be awfully hard to win in the Big X+II with that porous a defense.pinkshirts

Texas Rangers – Meltdown at Madame Tussauds… I don’t know that there has been an increasing level of meltdowns like that which the Rangers have had in the past 4 years. They’ve nearly won two world championships but seem to be staggering more and more at the finish line each year. And this may be the first time that the meltdown will knock them out of contention even prior to the playoffs starting. Then again…everything is bigger in Texas…even the crashes.

Tweets of the Week



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  1. KC has a baseball team?

  2. re: iOS7 and ” Now if they can just work on battery life we’ll be golden.” … or at least until iOS8 comes out.

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