Swami the Magazine: Fun with Flags

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine! Well, the Swami was dead on about last week being a dud when it came to college matchups. Clearly it had to be the case for him to only miss one game (stupid Arkansas). This week however we get back to some quality football. And as quality returns to the gridiron, it seemed to the StM staff that a higher quality of theme was needed this week. So instead of dropping the wit this week, the StM crew will be dropping the knowledge. And since it’s premier week for The Big Bang Theory this week, the staff felt like we should pay tribute to our favorite Theoretical Physicist Dr. Sheldon Cooper and have some Fun with Flags! That’s right, for each matchup you will get to see the state flag of one of the two schools and learn the background behind what is on them and sometimes why.FunWithFlags

In addition to that knowledge, this week seemed an appropriate time to share a couple of additional history lessons with our readers, so those tangents are below before you get to the object of your affection… The Picks!! Please enjoy Professor Swami’s 411

The 411

Lesson One: Football History

GrantThursday Night the Georgia Institute of Technology will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Grant Field. It is the oldest on-campus stadium in Division 1-A (FBS). The field in its current location actually began hosting football for Georgia Tech in 1905, but it wasn’t named Grant Field until 1913 following a donation from John W. Grant in honor of his deceased son. Ironically, Grant was a graduate of the University of Georgia who ended up donating to Georgia Tech and serving on the Board of Trustees at Tech. Guess even he figured out what the superior school was! Speaking of switching allegiances… I’m pretty sure David Pollack has no desire to switch, but his job at ESPN covering the game led to the former UGA standout being caught on camera with this vintage Georgia Tech jersey with his name on it. And while I have the utmost confidence he will find a way to burn it, I wanted to share the picture as many places as possible just so he can’t deny that it happened!Pollack

Lesson Two: Baseball History

You really should read this whole article for all of the astounding statistics compiled about Mariano Rivera, but my favorite one was the calculated estimate of the number of bats he broke in his career. It is estimated, based on one full season’s worth of data (comprised of 71 appearances and 310 batters faced), that in the course of his career Mariano Rivera has broken 799 bats most likely with one single pitch. With a little math (done by the Homunculus of Hennepin County) it can be conservatively estimated that the cost of those bats is roughly $50,000. So for those gainfully employed in Louisville, Kentucky…you owe someone a big thank you!Broken Dreams

Follow-up amazing stat: Thursday 9/26 will be first meaningless home game (meaning they have been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs) the Yankees have played since 10/3/93. Which also means that Mariano Rivera’s last home game ever is the first meaningless home game of his entire career.

Ok…finally, it’s now time for…

The Picks!


Until next time… THE SWAMI!


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