The Weekender (Sept 28-30)

The Rising

Cleveland – A couple of weeks ago the Browns traded Running Back Trent Richardson in a move that was perceived as them throwing in the towel on 2013 after only two weeks. That same night the Indians lost to the Royals. After that day neither team has lost a single game. The Indians closed out the regular season on a 10 game winning streak and the Browns have won their last two, moving to a .500 record. The seeds of hope have begun to grow in Ohio!cleveland

Kansas City Chiefs – No one is saying that this team doesn’t have their flaws, but after the purgatory of the past few years, what everyone is saying is that this team is a joy to get to cheer for. 4-0 for only the 3rd time in franchise history, this team is playing legitimately good football and having a good time doing it. It’s clear that they have bought into Andy Reid completely and are thrilled to be playing for him.

College Football Fans – It would appear that we are finally through the doldrums of the early weeks of the schedule and should actually have good games to look forward to throughout the rest of the season. It started this weekend as the offenses of Georgia and LSU put on one of the best shows of the year so far and there are definitely some good matchups in the coming weeks. And for this, we are all grateful.

Yankee Retirees – This past week, 2 of the “core four” Yankees of the 90’s-00’s hung up their Yankee uniforms for the last time and then did so with style. Mariano Rivera’s last appearance wasn’t a save situation but could not have gone more perfectly. After 4 outs of perfect relief, Joe Girardi elected to pull him with 1 out left so that he could get the type of ovation he deserved from the Yankee faithful. Only Girardi had a brainstorm at the end of the 8th and, after checking with the umpiring crew who to their credit didn’t get too hung up with whether or not it is allowed, instead of going out and pulling Rivera himself he sent Andy Pettite and Derek Jeter to pull Rivera for the final time. The scene was one of the more emotional you will see in baseball as the reality of that moment set in on Rivera and he shared a long tear-filled embrace with Pettite and a similar one with Jeter. There’s no denying that it got a bit dusty in the Taj Maswam watching the replays. As for Pettite, the final start of his career took place in his home state of Texas on Saturday and all he did was pitch his first complete game since 2006 and pick up a win which guaranteed that he would never have a season with a losing record. I am such a sucker for the stories and the history of baseball that I couldn’t help but get swept up in the moments…even though I hate the Yankees.MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees

Peyton Manning – 16 touchdowns. 0 Interceptions. There’s an awful lot I could say here, but the most staggering statistic from Sunday’s game should say most of it. The Broncos had 3 drives in the 3rd Quarter against the Eagles. All three began on their own 20 yard line. All 3 ended in touchdowns. And over the course of those 240 yards, the Broncos did not even go to a single 3rd down. If the Super Bowl were played after 4 games, there’s no one that could stop the Broncos. That being said, the week 11 and week 13 matchups between the Broncos and Chiefs should be FUN!

Oklahoma – The Big X-II hasn’t exactly been wowing anyone this season, but the conference finally got their first signature win of the season as the Sooners knocked off Notre Dame in South Bend on Saturday. It was a huge confidence booster for a young Quarterback and for a team looking to get a leg up on a BCS berth in the final year of the BCS.

Saturday, October 19th – With the way things have unfolded so far this season, I am really starting to look forward to the 19th of October. If this were a boxing match the undercard would be Stanford v. UCLA where we will get to see if Jim Mora has the Bruins ready to challenge Stanford and Oregon for the Pac 12 title. Meanwhile the Main Event will be FSU vs. Clemson where much will be made of Redshirt Freshman Jameis Winston attempting to assume the mantle from Taj Boyd as the top QB in the ACC and one of the most electric passers in the country. It will be must see TV if you like good QB play.

We Are The Fallen

USC – I was going to just pick on Lane Kiffin originally (because let’s face it, he’s deserving of it), but when you look at a few other factors it’s really a black eye for the school as well. ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski pointed out that Pat Haden, the AD from USC did an epic job of talking out of both sides of his mouth. “In the same seven-day span, you can’t plead with the NCAA to reduce the severe scholarship sanctions that cripple your program and fire your head coach. That’s hypocrisy.” That’s a very good point, and while boosters and alumni seem to be all in line with Haden’s decision to fire Kiffin (at the airport no less), it seems like it will take more than a coach to turn them around. Now that being said, getting fired at the airport after a blowout loss couldn’t have happened to a more perfect person than Lane Kiffin!USC

Atlanta Falcons – I would love to say I’m just being pessimistic, but the truth is that looking at the remaining schedule I am really not sure that there are enough wins on the schedule for the Falcons to even make it in as a Wild Card. The Falcons losses all had the common element of the birds having a chance at the end and in all three cases, Matty Ice…who will heretofore be referred to simply as “Matt”… was unable to deliver. It would really break my heart if Tony Gonzalez’s last ride ends missing the playoffs, but it definitely looks like it’s possible. Here’s hoping they can #RiseUp and prove me wrong.

New York Giants – Done. I’m calling it. All Giants fans can avoid wasting their time on any part of the rest of this season. Their division is weak so I probably shouldn’t be calling it, but this just doesn’t look like their year.

MLB Teams Looking to the Astros for Help – The Astros had the ability to play spoiler down the stretch with games against Cincinnati, Cleveland, Texas and New York. So what did they do? They lost their final 15 games of the season guaranteeing that any teams that needed help from them, got nothing of the sort. Thanks for absolutely nothing Houston.Astros

Anyone other than Kenseth, Busch, or Johnson – Everyone says that you can’t start eliminating anyone from the Chase for the Sprint Cup until after Talladega, but it seems REALLY unlikely that anyone other than the 18, 20, or 48 will walk away with the title this year. So will it be the Shrub, Kenseth’s 2nd, or Jimmie’s #SixPack?! Who knows, but it should be a fun ride.

Texas Rangers – Two disappointing exits from the World Series and an early playoff exit were pretty bad, but topping it off with losing game 163 to miss the playoffs this year has got to be a stomach punch that Ron Washington may not recover from. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride seemed to be a fitting analogy for them before, but now it would appear that the bride ran off with the bridesmaid’s boyfriend and charged it all to the bridesmaid’s credit card . Ok, so I probably took that word play too far, but you get the picture.

Possibly the worst unblocked Field Goal attempt ever

A Little Birdie Told Me

Terry Francona wins the comedy section of our tweets this week with a completely blunt shot at the end of his Red Sox tenure.

Tweet1A couple of my favorites from some of the Big Bang actors live tweeting comments during the season premiere


The first one won my “I wish I had thought of that joke” award and the second one… well I’m pretty sure facemasks aren’t supposed to do that…

Tweet3The last one just made me laugh…



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