Swami the Magazine: Add Some Salt to your Diet

Admit it… we all want our doctors to tell us that we need more salt in our diet. For some, it would be the Holy Grail of diagnoses (see: The Homunculus of Hennepin County & The Gambler). If that’s true, then this column just might be for you. How did we get to this point? Well the Swami was struggling with coming up with a theme for the week so he did what every good Sportswriter does… he asked Mrs. Swami, “What theme would make you want to read the column?”. I’m guessing due to a light dinner the immediate response was, “Salty snack foods…primarily types of chips”. And like any good married sportswriter, the Swami decided that was exactly what he would do!

COMMERCIAL BREAK: We pause this picks column with breaking news: Peyton Manning is REALLY good at what he does. Following that theme, I do recommend this interesting break-down of how he’s gotten even better at the age of 37. I also recommend DVR’ing “The Book of Manning” on the ESPN family of networks. It was a fantastic look at the family and how they tick. (Side Note: The college footage of Archie was amazing). Oh, and I said all of this just to have an excuse to use this picture:


Ok, back to where we were. This week’s them is tasty salty snack foods. I anticipate royalty checks to start rolling in as you all get a hankering for something I mention, so make sure and give me the referrals. Also this week, since The Swami is an avid baseball fan, he has included his predictions for the Division Series round of the MLB Playoffs for your reading enjoyment. And remember, you are getting to read baseball analysis from the guy who picked the Angels and Nationals in this year’s World Series!! So… yeah. Anyway, let’s get to…The Picks!

(Editor’s Note: 1 bonus Swami Buck goes to the first person to notice the formatting inconsistency in this week’s column and post what it is in the comments. And no, it’s not the left side not having a border…that’s a Microsoft thing.)

2013Wk6Until next time…The Swami!



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  1. No NFL predictions.

  2. Not the correct answer…

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