The Weekender (October 5-7)

The Rising

The Escape – More than impressive performances, this weekend was about good teams escaping bad losses. Georgia, UCLA, Oklahoma State, South Carolina, & Oklahoma all had games they were expected to win and all of them ended up in a game far too close for their liking.

Beware of Bears – For anyone who hasn’t noticed, you had better not sleep on Baylor. Their starters have scored 28 points in all but 1 QUARTER that they’ve played this year. They combined with West Virginia to score 115 points on Saturday!! Definitely never boring!Baylor

FSU v Clemson – I said it last week, but then Taj Boyd and Jameis Winston put on absolutely incredible performances Saturday which amp this up even more. Again, I PROMISE that you want to watch this one!!

The Unbeaten – New Orleans, Denver, and Kansas City were able to keep the Dolphins’ champagne on ice, even if only one of them was emphatic. KC had a close one with the Titans and looked to be ready to fall to Fitzpatrick’s feet, but his arm let the Titans down and the Chiefs Defense came through in a huge way. New Orleans had their way with Miami while Denver dodged a bullet in a barn-burner. 99 combined points lit up the Dallas sky but a brilliant day by Romo was marred by a final interception that handed the game back into the hands of Peyton Manning. And uh… that means Game Over!

Andrew Luck – He is already putting up prolific numbers of game winning drives in the 4th quarter of games and beating the NFC favorite Seahawks in that manner has only elevated him even higher. Everyone said he was as much of a sure thing as Peyton Manning was coming out of college and it absolutely appears to be the case. He’s got far more than Luck on his side. Luck

We are the Fallen

Fredi Gonzalez & Frank Wren – The Brain-trust of the Atlanta Braves over-thought a couple of decisions regarding their NLDS roster in a big way. Dan Uggla has had a terrible batting average this season. But he’s a solid defender now, chemistry is very important, and in the playoffs one swing can often be much more important than your average. Combine that with the fact that option 2 is Elliot Johnson, someone that was CUT by the Royals earlier this year, it just doesn’t make sense to leave Uggla off the roster, but they did. Combine that with keeping B.J. Upton’s glove on the bench in favor of Evan Gattis’ bat and you have two very questionable decisions. And it took no time for both to blow up in their faces.Bravos

Georgia Tech – Back to back games that they were in against key opponents fell apart down the stretch. Put a fork in them. They are done. Time to get good reps in to get the kids experience for next year. While I’m in the city…

Atlanta – As I write this the Falcons are still playing and the Braves are tied with the Dodgers, but I’m calling this early (though I’d love to be wrong). The Falcons’ season is done and Tony Gonzalez will miss out on the playoffs in his final season and the Braves won’t get past the Dodgers. It’s a sad time in the Empire State of the South. Atlanta

The NHL – Did anyone even notice that the season started?! I think the majority of folks will care in January. See you then.

A Little Birdie Told Me



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