Swami the Magazine: The Large Thud Supposition

Welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine! As we approach the mid-point of the college football season we are starting to get a feel for who are the stars and who are the bit players in this Shakespearean comedy. So what teams are worthy of Hamlet, and which teams are really Much Ado About Nothing?! Well, we will all see in the coming weeks. But since we are talking about Comedies, let’s get to the theme for the week. The top comedy on television is The Big Bang Theory, so the staff decided that we should pick a character from the show for each game this week. The only disappointment the staff had was that there weren’t more worthy games so they could have used even cameo appearances on the show. As for the kids, they wanted to pick one of their favorite shows for each NFL game…and they are way too cute to tell them no, so enjoy that!bazinga

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that Atlanta fans had one of the worst possible sports days on Monday. I would like to say though that we will make it….through…this……. *begins sobbing uncontrollably* [Editor’s Note: We’re cutting him off at this point… it’s getting sloppy, so let’s just move on to the Picks]2013Wk7



Categories: Football

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