Swami the Magazine: Stars of the Show

This week’s edition of Swami the Magazine is coming to you from the Swami’s home away from home in Swamtropolis. It’s been a busy week in Swamtropolis but just like the Postal Service, neither rain nor sleet nor government shutdown will keep him from delivering The Picks. This week the Swami decided to pick the leading man from almost every #1 movie at the box office in 2013 and associate them with one of this week’s tilts. So sit back, grab your popcorn and settle in for this week’s version of… The Picks!!


Until next time… The Swami!!


Categories: Football

2 replies

  1. Again the Swami and the Guru forgot about the second biggest game (after Clemson v FSU) on Saturday. At Arrowhead on Saturday afternoon is The Fall Classic XII (for those playing at home). #2 Northwest Missouri State University Bearcats takes aim at #6 Pittsburg State University Gorillas. Two Div. II juggernauts playing in front of 20,000 rabid fans. Winner gets the inside track to a MIAA conference title AND the number #1 seed in Super Region 3 for the NCAA playoffs (yes, playoffs. No computers here).

    • BuckeyeWill – I have typically erred on the side of your alma mater in this matchup…and that hasn’t always worked out well for you. I felt it was in your best interest for me to not pick your beloved Bearcats so that they would not be subject to the power of the Swami’s Jinx. You’re welcome.

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