The Weekender (Oct 19-20)

We here at RTI are always looking for a way to give back to you… so with that in mind, we thought we would try a slightly more abbreviated version of the Weekender this week and see how that goes. [Editor’s Note: That’s not exactly true… we just have some fun tweets that we want to spend more time with, so he’s rushing this column so he can spend more time on a Tweet column. That being said, as the editor, I have no complaints with this approach… so we proceed]

The Rising

Florida State – We said that the game this past weekend would tell us a lot. We didn’t know that it would tell us that FSU is a juggernaut that would be #2 in the BCS when the poll came out. WOW.FSU

The Bottom of the SEC – Tennessee over South Carolina, Vanderbilt over Georgia (for the first time since ’91), Auburn over A&M, Ole Miss over LSU. That ladies and gentlemen is how you turn the SEC upside down.

Missouri – I left Missouri over Florida off because it’s not exactly the same thing, but it did complete the overthrow of the SEC. Before the Georgia game two games ago MU was #25 in the country. Two weeks later (and after sustaining an injury to their starting QB) and the Tigers are #5 in the country. Guess they may be able to hang in the SEC after all.MU SEC

Google – A 12% gain in stock price in a day is good. A 12% gain when the resulting stock price is over $1,000 a share, is ridiculous. I wonder if any Google execs want to adopt me?!

Baylor – As much of the Big XII-II has scuffled, the Bears rebounded from a shaky win last week by absolutely DESTROYING Iowa State. If you lose by over 60… you might have received a beat-down.

½ of the Chiefs – The Chiefs defense continued its ridiculous run yesterday with another stellar performance. The turnovers weren’t as prolific as before, but they got another key goal line stand and then finished the game with 5 4th Quarter sacks and a forced fumble. That is how you close it out.

USC – Another Eagles loss and another step closer to Chip Kelly being available!!

Oregon’s Helmets – Going all in with the pink helmets was a nice touch. Winning big while sporting them, was even better. Good job Nike U.Oregon

Pat McAfee – He’s a punter. Who writes about a punter? More importantly, who writes about a punter making a tackle?! I do when it looks like this: Pat

Brett McMurphy – ESPN’s college football reporter was able to bring his daughter in for a segment in a moment that most dads would consider a highlight of their life. What’s interesting is how she absolutely stole the show and has folks calling for her to replace her dad!

Colts Fans – The fans handled Peyton’s return beautifully by giving him an enormous amount of love during the pre-game warm-ups. And in return they got to see their team drop Manning from the ranks of the unbeaten with a stellar performance by his replacement, Andrew Luck. I’m pretty sure it was exactly as all of the fans would have scripted it.

Transformers – If you aren’t human, this catch isn’t that hard. Calvin

We are the Fallen

The Top of the SEC (sans Elephants and Tigers) – Immediately I saw an article today about how parity is hurting the SEC this season. Funny how SEC fans scoffed at that notion when it was happening to the Big X+II in years past. 5 Top 25 SEC schools lost this weekend. That’s a bad day at the league office.

The Broncos – Unbeaten? Nope. Peyton’s return to Indy? Ruined. Champ Bailey’s return? Short-lived. John Elway’s teeth? Still enormous. Not a great night for the Mile High city last night.

My Face – It turns out, you might need sunscreen even if the temperature is under 40 degrees. It’s even more insulting when it was with me the whole day.sunny

My Fantasy Football Teams – My teams are garbage. I mean, when Receiver is a strength and then you proceed to lose Reggie Wayne and Julio Jones for the season in a three week span, you should probably give it up. Oh, wait, but you don’t care about that do you?!

Stay tuned for a Twitteriffic column in the next day or so… #Great


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  1. Rising? FSU is not only rising, but accelerating away from everyone else. This long time tOSU homer is looking forward to the Alabama – FSU BCS Championship, while undefeated Nike U. plays undefeated tOSU in the Rose bowl for 2nd place.

    Rising at normal speeds: Missouri sports. STL Cardinals in the World Series, Mizzou 1st in the SEC East and 5th in the Nation. The Chiefs are the only undefeated team in the NFL, and last, but certainly not least, Northwest Missouri State University Bearcats are top of the MIAA, undefeated, and #2 in Div. II football. Oh, and NW spanked the monkeys in the last (?) Fall Classic at Arrowhead on Saturday. We shall not speak of the Rams.

    Crashed: Football in the state of Kansas. KU doesn’t hold a lead at home and loses to Oklahoma. Pittsburg State loses again to Northwest at Arrowhead. The monkeys must be happy this series at Arrowhead comes to a merciful close (PSU 4-8 against NW at Arrowhead). When the best football team in the entire state is Washburn, you’ve got problems.

    Your partner in crime in the “Face” department, @lawsgiving85. Poor boy took a serious hazing before the youth event on Saturday evening when he came over to pick up his date.

    My Fantasy Football team management skills. Tom Brady against the NY Jets. Prior to Sunday, was there a more sure bet in fantasy land? Tom Terrific always (again prior to Sunday) big numbers against the Jets. What happens? A serious egg laying (7.1 points). Who is sitting on my bench? The next coming of Peyton Manning, A. Luck (as Mrs. Buckeye calls him). So, sitting on my bench is 35 points looking all smug, thumbing it’s nose at me. I deserve to have my picture taken in Jan.

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