The Weekender (Oct 26-27)

The Rising

The Detroit Lions – Calvin. Megatron. Johnson. 329 yards receiving. 1 Touchdown. And don’t get started on the number of times he was tackled inside the 5. And then Matthew Stafford! Game winning drive with 62 seconds left and no timeouts. And the guts to see a flaw in the defense and leap for the touchdown instead of spiking the ball. Wow. And WOW.Megatron

Marvin Jones – in 11 games last year Jones had 201 yards receiving and 1 TD. Through 7 games this season he had 247 yards and 3 TD’s. Sunday he had 122 yards and 4 TD’s. I’d say he had a good day.

The Detroit Lions – I MEAN SERIOUSLY! Calvin is the most gifted receiver in NFL history, but unlike Randy Moss, he gives all he has. And unlike most top receivers, he’s the furthest thing from a diva. He suffered through the 0-16 season and never quit. He’s got records galore. He’s just The Man. And Stafford…man it takes some backbone to make that call!

Drew Brees – What a difference a year makes. Sunday he threw for 332 yards and 5 TD’s. 4 of the 5 TD’s were 15 yards out or further.  Last year the Saints were muddling through the Bounty-Gate scandal and were simply fighting to stay afloat. This year they are 6-1, undefeated at home, and have a firm grasp on the NFC South. Brees was the rock that held them together last year and is able to sit back and enjoy this season.

U of Minnesota – This is the earliest the Gophers have been bowl eligible since they lost Gopher Day to the Groundhog decades ago. Beating a ranked Northwestern and a ranked Nebraska in the past two weeks has significantly boosted the spirits of the folks just outside Lake Woebegone.Gopher

Duke – This is the earliest the Blue Devils have been bowl eligible since they chose the wrong side and got kicked out of heaven. Beating #14 Virginia Tech in Blacksburg is an enormous victory for the typically woeful program.

Darrell Wallace Jr.  – For those unfamiliar with his story, Wallace became the first African-American driver to win a race in one of NASCAR’s national series’ since 1963, and only the second ever when he won the Truck series race at Martinsville. It finally gives some hope that NASCAR’s drive for diversity just might eventually pay dividends.

David Ortiz – He’s hitting .727 in the World Series and one of the outs was a grand slam that was robbed by Carlos Beltran. Then last night he gave a mid-game speech in a scene that Johnny Gomes described as “It was like 24 kindergartners looking up at their teacher”.  Even after the game he was still yelling, “You see?!? You see?!? I got two rings! You want a ring, you need to listen to me when I go crazy! You need to listen!”. The Sox are listening and now we’re down to a Best of Three series with 2 of 3 in Boston.Papi

We are the Fallen

Atlanta Falcons – Stick the final fork in them. They’re done. Mr. Dimitroff should trade Tony Gonzalez now and start rebuilding the depth of the franchise. They’re not terrible, but they can’t sustain injuries and injuries are the one thing they have in spades this year.

The NFL in Florida – The only question is whether Tampa Bay has surpassed Jacksonville as the worst team in the league. Those two teams are 0-15 so it’s clear that the Miami Dolphins are the class of the state, but after a 3-0 start four straight losses have deflated the only hope that the state had for joy. It’s a good thing Florida State is doing well…

The Dallas Cowboys – You have to give them credit…when the ‘boys lose, they do it in the most excruciating ways fathomable.

The Minnesota Vikings – I’m going out on a limb here, but I am pretty sure you will see a lot of turnover at the management and coaching positions as well as at the Quarterback position this offseason. Perhaps they should give Uncle Rico a call.rico

The Goalpost in Columbia – Sure most people will blame the kicking game for Missouri for this weekend’s 2OT loss, but I have to say that if the goalpost had simply cut back on some calories then Mizzou would still be undefeated.Goalpost

Fact Check: Before anyone only singles out Dez Bryant for his meltdown… you need to note that the cameras ignored when Witten had a similar tirade a drive or two earlier in the game that multiple reporters saw. 


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  1. Rising: The Ohio State Buckeyes: Admittedly the 4th best FBS team in the nation (at 19-0), the scarlet and grey put a historic beating on Pennsylvania State University on Saturday in the Horseshoe. The ‘Bucks can’t hang with Alabama or FSU, but they will make for an interesting Rose Bowl showdown with Nike U.

    MIAA Update: Northwest Missouri State continues it’s roll to the Div. II playoffs with a spanking of Missouri Southern on Saturday. A tip of the cap to the Pitt State Gorillas defeating Missouri Western on Saturday. The MIAA is down to two undefeated teams: Northwest and Washburn. And lo’ it came to pass the two undefeated football teams tangle in Maryville on Saturday, with the winner assuring at least a tie for the MIAA conference crown.

    The first official regional rankings for Div. II football playoffs were release by the NCAA on Monday afternoon. Your #1 teams in each region are: SR1 – West Chester (8-0), SR2 – Lenoir-Ryne (7-1), SR3 – Northwest Missouri State (8-0), SR4 – CSU Pueblo (8-0).

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