Swami the Magazine: Name Dropping

Greetings and Salutations from StM Headquarters on the Island of Swam. October is winding down which means that the pecking order of college football is falling into place. There really seem to be 4 teams that have separated themselves from the pack as the best of the best… too bad that 4 team playoff doesn’t start this year! Oh, well. Anyway, the StM staff (or the Legion of Swam as they have taken to calling themselves) thought that the Swami hadn’t done anything educational in a while, so this week’s theme will satisfy that need. The Swami has compiled the origins, or the likely origins (in the cases where the actual origin is disputed) of many of the College Team Nicknames that we have come to take for granted through the years. It should be both humorous and educational for all. [Editor’s Note: Please understand that the StM research department was a tad busy this week so they elected to ride the researching coattails of the folks at bleacherreport.com to get these origins. If for some reason your school is misrepresented… well, yell at those guys instead]

Before we get to the picks, the folks at StM would like to extend a hearty congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for not only winning the World Series, but also doing it in the exact number of games that the Swami requested of them. Well done bearded ones…well done. b_strong_white

Without any further Ado or Adon’t….we present The Picks!



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