The Weekender (Nov 1-2)

Now that we have hit the month of November, the tone of comments and conversations around the water cooler have turned more positive and encouraging. And it’s this shift that has led the crew here at RTI to make this week’s Weekender a more positive column. So this week, we will spare those who are The Fallen, and will only give you the Rising. So prepare to sit back and enjoy…

The Rising

Nebraska – Seriously… this is not the way Nebraska usually wins. The Huskers haven’t been having the season that all of their fans had hoped for, but this week’s finish was one for the ages. What’s crazy is that the 4th down play earlier in the drive was as crazy and improbable as the Hail Mary that ended the game. For one week, they were one of the big stories of the day.

KC Royals – The Royals had finalists at five positions for gold gloves. They brought home 3 of them. It’s not a surprise to those who watched them every day and it’s nice to see them get the recognition they richly deserve. In fact, it makes Royals fans happier than a group of crustaceans after seeing this picture.


Ohio State – Though they seem destined to be left out of the championship picture at the end of this season, they continue to just crush Big X+II opponents. tOSU has scored over 30 points every game this year and they just pitched their second shutout of the year this week. At least Purdue had cool helmets to wear during the loss.

PurdueFlorida State – Beating an in-state rival by over 3 touchdowns is nice. Doing it when they are #7 in the country is even nicer. Now the question is how good can they be? And is Jimbo Fisher following the path of the Dark Side when it comes to trying to get his team to the top?

SabanThe Swami – He finally had a perfect weekend of college picks and he has yet to stop pointing it out around the offices. Everyone is hoping that Bill Belichick will take out The Swami next when he’s done with his current victim. BillNick Foles – If you would like to stake a claim to the starting quarterback job of a football team, one pretty decent way to do it is to throw 7 touchdowns in 3 quarters of a game and then kick your feet up and watch the 4th. Another way is to get the starting QB too busy to be able to play…

DuckCase Keenum – After being undrafted out of college you really want to make a good impression in your first home start. Case figured out that the best way to make that first impression is to throw it to your best receiver over and over again. 190 yards and 3 TD’s in one half is a good way to make your fans look like this…

Keenum…however having your kicker miss 3 field goals and letting the Colts come back is a good way to make Colts fans look like that as well.


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  1. In small football news…Northwest Missouri State continues it’s march to the undisputed National Championship with a 52-21 route of previously undefeated Washburn U. The Icky bods had a pick-6 which contributed to a sizable 35-7 hole to dig out of in the 2nd half. The last of the undefeated teams meet in Emporia, KS next Saturday when Northwest clashes with Emporia State.

    tOSU continues to march to the Rose Bowl as the 4th best FBS team in the country with a 56-0 whitewash of Purdon’t. While the schedule and the competition isn’t matching up to tOSU, you can only beat the teams on your schedule. NIU, we feel your pain.

    Michigan and your -49 yard rushing–Hahahaha. Contrary to a national sportswriter’s belief, Brady is not the answer. UM got smacked by it’s little brother on Saturday and I enjoyed it all the way in Iowa.

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