Swami the Magazine: Goats

Greetings and welcome to this slightly abbreviated edition of Swami the Magazine. There was an agreement within the Taj Maswam that when the Chiefs hit their bye week, the official offspring of the Swami would also get the week off, so James & the Swamettes will be back next week. Until then, you have the Guru and the Swami bringing it like usual. 9-0

So this week, the Swami wanted to remind everyone that history is an important part of who we are today and we should all study more of it. That is why each of this week’s matchups has one of the Greatest of All Time (Goat) to ever play for the school that the Swami is picking to win each matchup. Some are probably no-brainers, but some just might surprise you. Additionally, the Swami would like to point out that we probably have the greatest slate of Thursday night football ever, so you should kick back and enjoy! Without further ado, here are The Picks!!



Categories: Football

2 replies

  1. I’m so happy to see the little local teams getting the love in the Picks.

    2 small quibbles: In the Nike U vs The Brains match up, I totally agree Dan Fouts is goo as a color analyst on Sundays. The other quibble is BYU’s greatest player (in all aspects) must be Jim McMahon. Besides, Steve Young AND Ty Detmer lost to tOSU in the Holiday Bowl, so their records are tainted.

  2. Goo catch there on spelling… important note, I said ONE of the Greatest of All Time (Goat) to ever play for the school… not necessarily THE greatest

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