Swami the Magazine: Flip the Script

It is really hard to believe we have never done this in 15 years, but we haven’t. This week, the Swami breaks new ground by letting the Guru do all of the college picks while the Swami simply picks one game against him. It should be fun. So let’s flip the script and turn this over to The Guru!:

When the Swami proposed the idea to “flip the script,” the Guru was nearly giddy. This week will be the ultimate test of the Guru’s jinx. Will this simple decision directly affect numerous conference races? Will an earthquake cause a fissure to swallow up an entire team picked to win? You will NOT want to miss this week’s games. Long live the jinx!

Also, the idea to flip the script lent itself to a theme rather easily. When a studio finishes a movie and it has a good opening weekend, what does it do? Greenlight a sequel! What about if it opens poorly? Time for a sequel! Haven’t heard about the movie in ten years? It’s sequel time! So this week’s theme is all about the movie sequels…but since this is a PG blog, only PG or G sequels need apply. On with The Picks! [Editor’s Note: All picks were submitted on Tuesday, so they were in well before any games were played…the retroactive nature of any picks is purely due to laziness of the Editorial staff.]



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