The Weekender (Nov 16-17)

As the commercials tell us, “It’s only Weird if it Doesn’t Work”. That may be why I went out of my way not to mention Jimmie Johnson’s quest for a 6-Pack during the Chase. Yes, I am just crazy enough to believe that I could jinx it. So to Team 48… you’re welcome.

The Rising –

Jimmie Johnson – After 2 years of coming up short, the now 6-time NASCAR champion is back on top of the sport. It wasn’t without a scare when a restart shuffled him back to 23rd from the Top 10 as well as coming dangerously close to cutting a tire. But as he has done so many times before, Johnson recovered and raced to a Top 10 finish and his 6th championship. #6PackJimmie

USC – Since firing Lane Kiffin, the Trojans are now 5-1 after knocking off #4 Stanford this weekend and reinserting themselves both in the Top 25 and the top end of the Pac-12. If Ed Orgeron’s name isn’t at the top of USC’s list for a replacement coach, it sure has to be moving up the list as he has done an amazing job of righting the ship. I imagine that a victory over UCLA in a couple of weeks is the last piece that would solidify his case for the job.

Auburn – The Tigers owned Georgia for a good part of the game and then let it slip away. Wait, that isn’t what happened? Well it was, but there was one last trick up Auburn’s sleeve on 4th and infinity. I would write about it but the following images tell the whole story… the play and the reaction.HailTigergeorgiacoach

J.J. Worton – I don’t know how many people in the country knew his name before Saturday, or possibly even on campus at Central Florida, but after making possibly the catch of the year, he will certainly be remembered.Catch of the Year

Duke – You may have to read this more than once. DUKE is 8-2 and 4-2 in the ACC after an 18 point victory over #23 Miami. Duke is now in control of the Coastal Division and is set on a collision course with #2 Florida State in the ACC Championship game.

Jimmie Johnson – Did I mention that he won again?! 6pack

The Elements – One game Sunday was delayed for a couple of hours due to extreme weather. And then… well, there are times when it just might not be the kicker’s fault. Wind 1, Jets 0.Windy

We Are The Fallen

Jim Schwartz – They say that hindsight is 20-20, but I’m pretty sure most people had the foresight to know that the fake field goal they tried deep in Pittsburgh territory was a bad idea. So instead of likely keeping a lead in the NFC North, the Lions fell back to even with Chicago. Coaching impacts are often debated, but boneheaded calls often make the argument a lot shorter.

Houston Texans – Sure we already knew they were having a bad season, but after 3 straight very competitive performances, it seemed like the Raiders coming to Houston with Matt Magloin at Quarterback and Rashad Jennings at Running Back was the recipe for getting back to winning. Apparently, however, no one told the Texans that. I feel like that won’t help Gary Kubiak’s health concerns.

ACC Basketball – It is very likely that the ACC will end up doing just fine this year in basketball with the additions of Notre Dame, Pitt, and Syracuse, but Sunday was not a banner day. Maryland fell to Oregon State and Notre Dame tripped against Indiana State. That’s a bad day. But if you top it off with #12 North Carolina losing AT HOME TO BELMONT… you have the recipe for an epically bad day. At least Georgia Tech beat Georgia this weekend.

Michigan – #7 in the land fell to the clutch shooting of unranked Iowa State. Nothing like a little early season College Basketball fun!

Nebraska – In truth the Blackshirt Defense played well the majority of the game, they just ran out of gas. It’s REALLY hard to play great defense when your offense coughs the ball up FIVE TIMES. I can think of a few Huskers that should have to carry a ball everywhere they go this week to practice holding onto it.

My Teams – Seriously. The Falcons got slaughtered by THE BUCS! The Chiefs got handled by the Broncos. Georgia Tech was embarrassed by Clemson. Nebraska coughed up the game to Michigan State. And it seems like I am the only connecting factor. I feel a couple of fandom Dear John letters coming my way…


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  1. Saturday may have been a disaster for you, but Sunday turned out pretty well. #CBCFFL.

    And by the way, NWMSU kicked it’s little brother’s (fill in the blank) the the MIAA finale on Saturday in St. Joseph. Tenth Street Tech got as close as 14-7, and then big brother went and asserted himself and it was 35-14 at halftime. Congratulations to Coach Adam Dorrel and the Northwest Missouri State University Bearcats for the 11th MIAA Conference football title on Saturday. Northwest gets a week off as the #1 seed in Super Region 3 in the NCAA Div. II football championship. #OABAAB

    I’m soooo tired of FBS rankings shenanigans. How does tOSU drop a spot in the AP Poll after putting a 60 spot on Illinois? Style points? Because the game was on the B1G Network instead of Fox? Alabama won 20-7 on Saturday, losing style points, but the Tide lost only 1 first place vote. Ludicrous! The ONLY thing that matters is the number in the “L” column. I’ll stop here because this rager could go on for several paragraphs.

  2. great job Jimmie for mentioning the two guys that gave you the opportunity to do what you do so well. congratulations on # 6.

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