Swami the Magazine: Inside the Actors Studio

Greetings and welcome back to another edition of Swami the Magazine. In last week’s “Flip the Script” edition the Guru acquitted himself very nicely and kept up the standard for The Picks! And, likewise, the Jinx of the “Take” section was equally up to standard. I mean, did you see how Georgia lost that game? It took a complete fluke, but since it was the “Take” game, it was bound to happen. The Guru now has my empathy. But anyway, that’s enough about last week, it’s time to look forward to another week of college football.

This week reminds me of many early season weeks. There are a few stellar match-ups and then far too many David vs. Goliath games. Oh, well, we’ll play the hand that is dealt. Now as we get to this part of the college season we also start hitting another sweet spot of the movie-watching season. That got the StM staff talking and ended up inspiring this week’s theme. For each match-up we picked one of the most prominent former students from the winning university who have made a career on the small or big screen. We then give you the type of in-depth analysis you can only find here as to why these actors are the key to these match-ups.acting

Now, for this week’s NFL takes, the kids were all three feeling a little under the weather so, fresh off his easy week, the Swami elected to step up and give his sparkling analysis. So without further ado, let’s get to… The Picks!



Until next time… The Swami!


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  1. While Jon Hamm does bring something to the table for Mizzou, I think the Swami overlooked another, more important student at Mizzou, Mr. Angelina Jolie (Brad Pitt).

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