Swami the Magazine: Hunger Games

It is Thanksgiving week in America and that means there are hungry people and football games, so one of the interns here at StM thought we should call this week’s issue “Hungry Games”. We had to break it to him that there is a series of books and movies called the Hunger Games. Then he thought that since many winners this week keep their hot streaks going and ride them into conference title games he thought we should title the article “Catching Fire”. And again we had to tell him that he was sadly out of touch with popular culture. So after we mocked him for 4 days we ended up running out of time to come up with anything else, so the theme for this week is Hunger Games characters! Of course then when we keep talking about hunger, the official offspring of the Swami were obsessed with food, so they will pick out the right Thanksgiving food staple to go with each NFL game.

But before we get to the picks, the staff here at StM just want to take this time to wish you and your families the very Happiest of Thanksgivings. It’s been a big year at the Taj MaSwam and there are countless things that we are thankful for. And now we shift to a dystopian tale of oppression and revolution! It’s time for The Picks!


Until next time… enjoy your tryptophan! The Swami!!


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  1. District 3 aka Super Region 3. Regional semi-finals this week as the 1 seed Northwest Missouri State University play at home in Maryville on Saturday against Minnesota-Duluth. The ‘Cats have a 1-2 record against the Bulldogs and are looking to even the series. I think NW has too many ways to score (air, ground, defense, and special teams) for the Bulldogs to pull off the upset. The home team has prevailed in the previous 3 games and I don’t see the trending changing. NW 30, Minn-Duluth 17.

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