2013-14 Bowl Preview – Death to the BCS

BCSThat’s right, we have reached the most anticipated column of the year!!! The annual bowl preview is read by tens of… well people… each year and is THE go-to place for all of the Bowl 411 that you could ever possibly want or need. This year is even better because it will be the FINAL year of the BCS as a method for determining a National Champion (Trivia Question: Which team in this year’s game was also in the First BCS title game?  the Seminoles of Florida State are bookending the BCS era in the title game. Well done). But before we get to the picks section, let’s do a fun little walk-through of the past couple of weeks in pictures:

December Images


It’s all fun and games until THAT happens!!


I guarantee this little thing made that kid’s month…


Congratulations to Bobby Cox on a well-deserved entry into the Hall of Fame!

Paint the Wall

One of my favorite images from Sporting KC’s MLS Cup Championship. What, they’re going to yell at him for painting the wall?!  I think not…


From the Vikings’ stadium groundbreaking…I’m not saying Zigy looks either creepy or demented, but clearly there’s a movie from the ’70’s that is missing its villian…


Coolest Snowman Ever

Sporting Cup

Did I mention that Sporting KC won the MLS Cup?!?!

photo (7)

Actual 32 oz. bottle spotted at the Swami’s office. Yep… that should keep the StM staff going!

The First Pick

This column has always tried to cater some of its content to its readers, so for the first pick of this column, I have to give a little love to the NWMSU alumni that frequent this page. Northwest Missouri State is in the Division II National Championship Game for the 6th time in 9 years and will face off with Lenoir-Rhyne who is making their first appearance in the title game. Prediction? The boys in green 38-34  NWMSU

The 2013-14 Bowl Preview

If you have forgotten how we like to do this, here is a quick refresher. The Swami and the Guru will each pick every bowl matchup that will take place over the next 45 days. Wait… it just feels like 45 days. Anyway, they will both pick all of the games and we will track who is the Post-season Prognosticator Extraordinaire. Each of them have also picked their 5 Bet Your Booty – Guaranteed Victories (highlighted in yellow) that are worth 2 victories on the Prognostication Scoreboard. At the end of the Bowl Season, we will crown the PPE for ’13-’14.

Now as for what you get with each matchup, the StM staff has compiled a little bonus information to help you look just a little smarter when you are discussing the games over your holiday gatherings. They have given you the first year each bowl was contested as well as what the bowl name originally was when it was first established. You also are given the winner of the game last year, and one piece of notable Swag that the players in the game are given by the Bowl hosts. Armed with this information, you can survive any conversation you get roped into with your resident family sports-junkie. And for those of you who enjoy the asthetics of the game, the helmets chosen this week are a variety of old helmets from the schools, current helmets from the schools, and high school helmets that use the same logo as the schools. (I was visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future and they demanded this or Christmas wouldn’t come). You’re welcome. So without further ado, let’s get to The Bowl Picks!!

Bowl Preview


So from the StM Staff to you and yours… Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may the Yellow Jackets, Huskers and Chiefs take care of business!! Until next time… The Swami!


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2 replies

  1. Here’s to the boys in green bringing home a 4th National Championship on Saturday. Kick-off at 11 am on ESPN2. In related Div. II news, the National Championship game, beginning in 2014, will be played at Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kansas.

    Since the Heart of Dallas Bowl is played in the actual Cotton Bowl (and not Jerry World), does bowl history go with the name or the stadium?

    Also, the Texas Bowl first started as the Bluebonnet Bowl, then later the Houston Bowl when the Astrodome closed.

  2. Congrats to NW Missouri State on the win today.

    Bowl history goes with the game. It doesn’t matter what stadium it’s played in.

    And the Bluebonnet Bowl (Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl when it was in the Astrodome) ended in 1987. The galleryfurniture.com bowl (then Houston Bowl in 2002) didn’t begin until 2000, then the Texas Bowl after that when the Texans took over ownership of it.. It’s not a continuation of the Bluebonnet when there was 13 years without it. It was a new bowl.

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