The Weekender(s) – Bowling, Playoffs, and the Hall of Fame

Greetings and Salutations and welcome to the first column of 2014! There are a lot of things to cover so we won’t waste any time! Wait… wasting time is kind of what we do here at RTI… so we might as well start off with a classic picture of a Chuck Norris mullet:

Chuck Norris Mullet

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at what we learned during Bowl Season

Bowl Season Recap

Let’s be honest…there’s one thing that we all learned this bowl season…there is NOTHING in the ‘verse more powerful than the 2013-14 Guru’s Jinx. It was absolutely staggering to watch. Double-digit favorites fell like they were double-digit underdogs when the Guru was involved. The number of hits on the Bowl Preview Issue kept rising as people from across the country started checking…hoping to confirm that the Guru did NOT pick their favorite team. This isn’t picking on the Guru… he marveled as much as the rest of us at his power. And just to prove it, he actually changed his BCS Championship Game pick on ESPN to counteract his StM jinx… and that is the only thing that saved the Seminoles! guru's jinx

Anyway, the recap of our bowl records is fairly anticlimactic, but we’ll take a look at in anyway:

The Guru: 15-20, 1-4 in Bet your Booty picks, for  a total of 16 points

The Swami: 25-10, 3-2 in Bet your Booty picks, for a total of 28 points

Congrats to…well, me…but also congrats to Florida State, the BCS Underdogs (sans Auburn), SEC haters everywhere, and the rest of the bowl season winners!FSU

Facts and Figures

(thank you to Buckeye Will for this nugget)

Factoid #1 – For the first time in NCAA history all football champions at all participation levels finished undefeated.

  •  Div. III – University of Wisconsin – Whitewater 14-0
  • Div. II – Northwest Missouri State University 15-0
  • Div. I FCS – North Dakota State University  14-0
  • Div. I FBS – Florida State University 13-0

Factoid #2 – Ohio State had won 24 straight games and Alabama had won 15 straight going into conference championship week. Since then the two schools are 0-4.

Uniform Thought #1 – Oregon had some cool uniforms…but I have a question. Why would you use a different green but then leave your helmet the old green? I mean, you can’t tell me you don’t have the apparel budget for it!!

Link #1 – In case you are like me and have ever wondered the kind of deal that your school has with their uniform and apparel provider…

Factoid #3 – Kansas & Missouri won the same number of games this season against Big XII-II teams.

Link #2 – I wanted to say something about why Maddux & Glavine should go into the Hall of Fame together, but Tim Kurkjian did it better, so just read him…

Uniform Thought #2 – Baylor brought the cool with their uniforms for their BCS appearance… and that was the only thing that looked good that whole night. Baylor

Mullet #2 – More ChuckChuck Norris Mullet 2

Uniform Thought #3 – Texas Tech won the award for best new helmet look of the Bowl Season with this number.Red Raiders

NFL Playoffs

We’ll start with the Chiefs’ game… *sobs uncontrollably then begins throwing random objects*Chiefs

Hall of Fame Ballot

After last year’s debacle it is refreshing to see the list of candidates for the Hall this year because it just feels like we will have some worthy inductees. Of course we can’t escape some grandstanding knuckleheads who don’t deserve to still have a Hall of Fame vote (see: Ken Gurnick). But anyway, below I am including what my ballot would look like if I had a vote. (Note: I am on the record that the Hall of Fame is a museum that should tell the story of the game, so I would vote for the greats who were also likely PED users such as Bonds and Clemens. However, in a year when there are more than ten worthy candidates – the maximum votes allowed, I WOULD leave the PED guys off of the ballot…that’s the reasoning behind those omissions below)

  • Greg Maddux
  • Tom Glavine
  • Frank Thomas
  • Craig Biggio
  • Mike Piazza
  • Tim Raines
  • Jeff Bagwell
  • Edgar Martinez
  • Jack Morris
  • Curt SchillingMADDUX_GLAVINE1
Playoff Picks

Here’s your guide to this week’s playoff games –

seattlevssaintsSeahawks at home… that’s the key. Seattle 27-23

niners-panthersPanthers’ defense makes a compelling case to pick them, but the 49ers’ experience and what they showed last week were more compelling to me. San Francisco 24-17

coltsvpatsSeriously… while Luck looks like he has destiny on his side, the depleted Colts just don’t convince me they can do it in the greater Boston area. Coach Hoodie doesn’t mismanage the clock like some others. New England 31-24

Chargers-at-BroncosManning at home with a bad taste in his mouth from the last Chargers game, in a season where he broke records as easily as Eli throws interceptions… All Broncos. Denver 38-21

Well, that should be enough for now… stay tuned for more Random Thoughts in the near future!


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  1. Some more fun with factoid #1. UW-Whitewater (Div. III) entered the Amos Alonso Stagg Bowl undefeated and played undefeated (at that time) Mt. Union. In Div. III you can pay your mortgage that either UW-Whitewater or Mt. Union will win the National Championship.

    Northwest, or any other Div. II school, may never reached the the vaunted 15-0 again. Next season, the NCAA reduced the number of games Div. II schools can schedule by one. The only way a team can go 15-0 from 2014 and on, is be undefeated, but not receive a first round bye in the NCAA playoffs. Only one time has this event occurred in Div. II. In 2012 Harding University was undefeated but played in the first round of the NCAA playoffs. Eventually Harding was defeated by Northwest (who then lost to little brother Missouri Western).

    In North Dakota State’s 14-0 record was a road win in Manhattan KS against K-State. While I’m not suggesting North Dakota State could beat an elite FBS school, they could beat upper to middle of the road FBS schools. North Dakota State was the most dominate football team across all levels.

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