Twitteriffic – Super Bowl Edition

seattleI could give you a whole rundown of what took place in the Super Bowl this week, but I have to say that it’s just more fun to look back at it through the eyes of twitter. So here are some of my favorite tweets from the Super Bowl (with a couple extras thrown in) as well as a couple of my favorite videos as well. So let’s get to it!

But first… here’s a random piece of information that just seems fitting during Kansas City Snowpocalypse I 2014 – How Much Snow Does it Take to Close Schools in Your State?

AvTH4d2 - Imgur


Ok, so let’s get to the Game tweets… Here was my favorite Pre-Game tweet from a couple of acting legends



And now for some in-game humor


Speaking of the funniest man on Super Bowl Sunday, this Mock 30 for 30 trailer was fantastic!





Now let’s break for a video that just might make your heart grow three sizes…

And now a couple of tweets that have nothing to do with football…





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