90 Mile Per Hour American League Preview

What on earth is a 90 mile per hour preview? It’s a preview done when you have very little time available but you have deep insights (or shallow ones) that the world needs to know… so buckle up and get ready to watch 162 games unfold before your eyes!!AL

A.L. East

Tampa Bay Rays (90-72)
Boston Red Sox (89-73)
New York Yankees (86-76)
Baltimore Orioles (82-80)
Toronto Blue Jays (76-86)

5 Facts – 

1. Joe Maddon will host a panel on “Being cooler than You” with Robert Downey Jr. and Johnny Depp
2. Grady Sizemore will win Comeback Player of the Year and be a feel-good story
3. The Captain elected to retire this year so he will never have to be A-Rod’s teammate again… yet another reason he’s a Hall of Famer
4. Nelson Cruz & Chris Davis will cause the B&O Warehouse to collapse
5. Mayor Rob Ford will petition to have his face put on an alternate cap for the Blue Jays.Rays

A.L. Central

Detroit Tigers (91-71)
Cleveland Indians (84-78)
Kansas City Royals (81-81)
Chicago White Sox (72-90)
MInnesota Twins (69-93)

5 Facts – 

1. Miguel Cabrera will get walked more times than a litter of puppies
2. The world will finally realize that you don’t cross Tito Francona
3. Salvador Perez will throw out a baserunner by hiking the ball between his legs
4. Robin Ventura will charge the mound in a game and get beat up by Yu Darvish
5. Twins fans will take a page from Kansas City fans and find a player to boo handily during All-Star weekend… likely a Twins PlayerTigers

A.L. West

Texas Rangers (88-74)
Los Angeles Angels (87-75)
Oakland Athletics (85-77)
Seattle Mariners (77-85)
Houston Astros (61-101)

5 Facts – 

1. Prince Fielder will get even bigger…’cause everything’s bigger in Texas!
2. Jered Weaver’s hair will take a selfie with Albert Pujols’ foot
3. Billy Beane will create a new statistic that will explain that your sleep number impacts your ERA
4. Robinson Cano will be thrilled in his new surroundings… until his first 5 home runs are caught on the warning track.
5. The Astros will have more uniform combinations than wins this seasonRangersStay tuned for the 90 MPH N.L. Preview!



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