MLB Playoff Preview

After two 90 mph previews (if you missed them, catch the AL & NL previews before you keep reading) we get to the most important predictions… the MLB Postseason. We’ll go round by round for the picks and the biggest x-factor of each round, so let’s get started:

The Wild Card Round

Angels @ Red Sox 
Pirates @ Braves

X-Factor: Only one city that has had the Braves is allowed to advance

Winners: Red Sox & PiratesWildCard

The Division Series’

Red Sox v. Rangers
Tigers v. Rays

X-Factor: Instant Replay shows that Prince Fielder hit the buffet twice

Winners: Red Sox & RaysALDS

Cardinals v. Pirates
Nationals v. Dodgers

X-Factor: That’s a Clown Question Bro’

Winners: Cardinals & NationalsNLDS

The League Championship Series’

Red Sox v. Rays
Cardinals v. Nationals

X-Factor: Troy Aikman elbows Joe Buck on Sunday leaving him unable to call his beloved Cardinals

Winners: Rays & NationalsWS2014

The 2014 World Series

Rays v. Nationals

X-Factor:The media brawl over who is a sure Hall of Famer out of Bryce Harper & Wil Myers spills onto the field during Game 7

2014 World Series Champion: The Tampa Bay RaysSeries

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