MLB Opening Week Highlights

You can get baseball highlights in a lot of places, but the highlights that matter most are the ones found here at RTI. Here’s the best of the first week:

Opening Day’s best play belonged to the Padres’ ball girl – 

PadresOf course then Day 2’s best play belonged to… the Padres’ ball girl – 


Then we shift to college. Have you ever seen an intentional walk turn into a walk-off 3 run home run?! –


Now back to more fun in the stands courtesy of the Cubs ball boy – 

TwinsAnd even the fans  in Los Angeles join in with a face-plant finish – 


Now if you need proof that Everything is Awesome… check out this time lapse of a Lego Replica of Fenway Park being assembled – 

And just to wrap things up… did anyone order a foul ball in their popcorn?!


That is a fan with his priorities in order!!




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