The Most Unique MLB Hall of Fame Fan Cave

There are probably only 7 people in the world who will find this as interesting as I do (and I’m only presuming that Phil Hecken & Paul Lukas haven’t already done this on before), but I can live with that. I was in a discussion with a colleague about retired numbers and I started thinking about the most unique or obscure jerseys that you could own of great baseball players. This led me to the question, “What jerseys would make up the most unique collection of Hall of Fame uniforms you could have in the ultimate Hall of Fame Fan Cave?” So I have set out to try to answer that question.Ruth Qualifiers: I didn’t touch on every Hall of Famer… just the ones that are household names to me or folks from my generation. Additionally there is an era before numbers, so I obviously ignored those. Additional Clarification: Sometimes it’s obvious what the most unique uniform would be, for example, Hank Aaron’s #5 Braves jersey from his rookie season. Other times I just tried to pick the jersey used for the smallest amount of time, the least remembered team, or the strangest number. So there’s no hard formula, but I can promise you this… if you had a collection of these jerseys and told someone they were all from Hall of Famers, they would call you crazy.aaron5 So without further ado, here is your shopping list for to build the most unique MLB Hall of Fame Fan Cave! Now if any of you want me to build this cave (and while we’re at it, for me to take it around to all of the ballparks in the league) feel free to set up funding for it on Kickstarter! HOF Jerseys In case you think I missed some people, here is a list of Hall of Famers that had the same number throughout their careers: Tony Gwynn, Jim Rice, Cal Ripken, Bill Mazeroski, Kirby Puckett, Robin Yount, Jim Palmer, Johnny Bench, Carl Yastrzemski, Willie Stargell, Don Drysdale, Pee Wee Reese, Ernie Banks, Sandy Koufax, Stan Musial, Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, & Lou Gehrig. So go see if you can get Yogi Berra to sign a #38 jersey and you’ll have memorabilia unlike any other!


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