Swami the Magazine: Google It

Welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine. This week The Swami thought he would try something new. For each featured matchup the Swami decided to use the most scientific method possible… Google the name of each school, pick the first (non-logo) image that Google brings back and let the images determine the winner. Now, I will admit, there is one that is better than all of the rest, but I’ll let you find that one.

Ok, so last week the Swami was a perfect 9-0, though it looked dicey in a few games, so he’s looking to build on that. Also this week The Guru, James, & The Swamettes all return, so the gang is back together again! So let’s get to The Picks!!

The Picks (9-0)

McNeese State vs. Nebraska

NCAA Football: Missouri vs. McNeese State SEP 11vs.Nebraska


As humorous as it is to see an MU player flat on his face, that’s not going to be enough to take McNeese over Nebraska’s campus. Huskers 42-10

Michigan State vs. Oregon

MSU Beaumont Towervs. SONY DSC


This is a close one. The classic European feel of the MSU campus is nice vs. the fittingly modern architecture at Oregon. But ultimately this is about football and Europeans just aren’t as good. Oregon 37-31

Virginia Tech vs. Ohio State



Ummm… the band is spelling Ohio in cursive in front of more people than the VT campus can hold. Going with tOSU. Buckeyes 31-20

USC vs. Stanford


Uh, sorry ladies, but that Stanford campus is gorgeous. Smart Guys 24-17

Michigan vs. Notre Dame

Michiganvs. Notre Dame


Going old school European on both campuses. Michigan looks nice, but it’s pretty hard to compete with Notre Dame. Fighting Irish 27-17

Kansas State vs. Iowa State


Ok, I laughed out loud on this one. The FIRST image when you search Iowa State is a screen capture of Iowa State trailing Baylor 57-0!!! Somehow that doesn’t inspire me to pick them. Kansas State 45-10

Georgia Tech vs. Tulane

GTvs. Tulane

Sleek & Modern designed by engineers vs. “I don’t think this is the nicest neighborhood”. Even in their new stadium, Tulane will not pull this one off. Ramblin’ Wreck 31-24

Oklahoma vs. Tulsa

OUvs. Tulsa

This is Not-Quite-Bedlam, and in a battle of this nature, it appears that OU has more defensible positions to withstand a siege. Boomer 48-17

Missouri State vs. Oklahoma State

MizzStvs. DV IMAGE

After holding their own against Florida State last week, I struggle to believe that those cuddly mascots will be able to trip up the Cowboys. Pistol Pete 38-17

SE Missouri State vs. Kansas

SEMoStvs. KU

Apparently Southeast Missouri State’s history is more notable than their present. Rock Chalk 27-10

BYU vs. Texas

BYUvs. Texas


Texas is big, but it’s really hard to argue with the beauty of those mountains overlooking Provo. Cougar Town 30-27

Uniform Note of the Week

Two big changes this week worth noting. NC State will use an all Black brand new uniform, and Notre Dame has their special “Shamrock Series” uniform this week as well. Which one is better?


James & The Swamettes

New Orleans vs. Atlanta

Saintsvs. Falcons

James likes swimming more than smelly streets so he’s taking the Falcons to cover the spread. Falcons +3

Tennessee vs. Kansas City

Titansvs. Chiefs


The KC skyline is a little more appealing than this shot of Nashville, so The Original Swamette is going to take her hometown team. Chiefs 17-14

Minnesota vs. St. Louis

Vikingsvs. Rams

The Swamette 2.0 was busy trying to rip the keys off The Swami’s keyboard and pushed the button to pick the Vikings, so that is the official vote. Vikings 24-14

Indianapolis vs. Denver  



The official offspring of The Swami talked it over and wrote down their pick, but the pint sized Swamette ate the paper, so the official decision came from Mrs. Swami who can’t pick against one Mr. Manning. Broncos 31-24

The Guru’s Take

The Guru is glad to be back after a so-so 2012 college football season of picks.  What’s that?  2013?  Never heard of such a year. Certainly the Guru didn’t have the worst season of his career (except for a really good “flip the script week”).  So it’s 2014, immediately following 2012.  This week, the Guru has decided to pick the hated Longhorns to upset the Fightin’ Mormons, despite losing David Ash and dismissing multiple starters before the season started.  Charlie Strong is a good coach, and more specifically, a good defensive coach.  Texas will stifle the BYU offense just enough for a late score to seal the win.  And if not…hey, Texas lost!  Longhorns 28, Cougars 27.

Longhorns 009


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  1. Fun stat for all the Chickenhawk fans. Number of wins over FBS opponents since 2010, North Dakota State (FCS mind you) 5, Kansas 6. NDSU has the 3rd longest active winning streak over FBS opponents (FSU – 15, Michigan State 10).

    Now to pick on FCS schools. Drake University (FCS, non-scholarship) opened it’s season at home against crosstown rivals (who play home games at a high school stadium) Grand View University. Grand View is the defending National Champion at the NAIA level. Let that sink in. College Football’s hierarchy: FBS, FCS, NCAA Div. II, NCAA Div. III, NAIA. You can argue NAIA is higher that Div. III because NAIA players get some sort of scholarship to play football, while the Div. III players do it for the love of the game. So the Drake Bulldogs, at home, got smoked by Grand View 34-22. While the score says it was close, the halftime score was GV 34, Drake 0. Up next for Drake, perennial Div. II pansies, Truman State.

    Northwest Missouri State began the quest to Kansas City with a 31-7 win over Nebraska (Kearney, to be exact). With Div. II’s reduced football schedule for 2014, the MIAA is all conference games. Everybody plays everybody, like the Big XII. The University of Central Missouri and Pittsburg State look to dethrone the 2013 Div. II National Champions. The 2014 Div II National Champions will be from the MIAA conference.

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