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Greetings and welcome to the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere! Oh, sorry, this is the midnight version of Swami the Magazine! What’s the midnight version? It’s where The Swami has had a week so busy that he’s cranking out his picks at the last second before College Gameday gets cranked up Saturday morning. It also means that the Guru gets a week off from having to pick another winner like Texas/BYU last week.

So, this will be fairly stripped down with basically just the picks. But I do want to share what I’ve been a bit obsessed with this week. Being in D.C./Baltimore a couple of weeks ago only enhanced my nationalistic fervor for all things patriotic. And this week is the celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Francis Scot Key seeing the flag still flying over Fort McHenry after we were victorious at the Battle for Baltimore toward the end of the War of 1812 and penning the poem ‘Defence of Fort McHenry’ (which is much more well known as The Star Spangled Banner).

So with the picks I will sprinkle in a little history, as well as various shots of The University of Maryland’s uniforms this week which are the coolest patriotic uniforms I’ve seen in college athletics. So let’s get to this…

The Picks! (18-2)

Georgia Southern vs. Georgia Tech – Yellow Jackets 34-21 (actual flag from Ft. McHenry)


Nebraska vs. Fresno State – Huskers 31-20

Central Florida vs. Missouri – MIZ-ZOU 27-17 (Ft. McHenry from above)


Kansas vs. Duke – Blue Devils 33-13

Iowa State vs. Iowa – Hawkeyes 2-1 (Maryland’s helmet & shoulders have the words to the poem/song and the image is the outline of Ft. McHenry with the flag of that time inside)


Arkansas vs. Texas Tech – Red Raiders 34-31

Georgia vs. South Carolina – Bullpups 28-24 (The team captains have red belts like Military Captains did in 1814)


Minnesota vs. TCU – Froglegs 30-17

UTSA vs. Oklahoma State – Cowpokes 44-28


Tennessee vs. Oklahoma – Sooners 35-21

West Virginia vs. Maryland – Terps 24-17 (The full uniform… photo shot at Ft. McHenry)


Falcons vs. Bengals – Falcons 28-27

Chiefs vs. Broncos – Broncos 444-12


Jets vs. Packers – Packers 21-17 (Shoes also have the lyrics on them)



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  1. I think you are a hopeless optimist on the KC-Denver game. Do you really think KC can come that close?

    Cool uniform pics (from just a photography standpoint). I think if I had been a Captain though, I’d pass on those red belts! Just like having a bullseye on your back! … worse, of course, the bullseye is not on the back.

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