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I’m often asked about what life is like in the Utopia of StM Headquarters. I like to tell people that it is a place of peace, tranquility, and self-reflection. At least until people show up for work. At that point, it’s just like any other place of business just with a lot of discussion about sports & theme ideas. The theme this week came directly from the water cooler conversation following the announcements the past two days that Supergirl is getting a TV series and Deadpool (Really?!?!) is getting a movie. The question was posed, “What superheroes I don’t know anything about are the NEXT ones to get a movie?!”. Well… the staff thought they would throw out potential choices with each game this week. So at the end of this article you will at least be able to say “Yeah, I heard that name once” when the 8th wave of superhero movies comes out and seem “in the know”.

The Picks (26-5)

Virginia Tech vs. Georgia TechAquaman – Ok, so you have at least heard of the most mocked Justice League member, but since he is often the butt of jokes, it seems fitting that he be associated with Georgia Tech’s defense. Ouch. Virginia Tech 44-35 Aqua

Nebraska vs. Miami Luke Cage & Iron Fist – You may want to pay attention to these guys sooner as there is a project rumored to already be underway about these two. Also rumored? Ameer is ready to run all over the Hurricanes! Nebraska 31-27Luke Cage Iron Fist

Alabama vs. FloridaBlue Beetle – Yes, we have finally found the other Beatle!!!! What? Spelling? Oh, well. The boys from Gainsville will feel blue after this one. Alabama 28-14Blue Beetle

Missouri vs. IndianaBlack Panther – Tigers in black… black panthers… yeah, it’s somewhat close. Indiana will need Panther’s enhanced senses if they are going to hang in this one. Mizzou 30-17 Black Panther

LSU vs. Mississippi St. – Cosmo the Space Dog – We’ve actually caught a quick glimpse of him in Guardians of the Galaxy, but look for the former Soviet pup to possibly resurface in GoG2. LSU 33-24Cosmo

Oklahoma vs West VirginiaThe Question – Since it’s hard to nail down the Big XII-II right now, it seems appropriate to think of the man with a featureless mask. Oklahoma 27-23The Question

South Carolina vs VanderbiltWASP – When I think of the Old Ball Coach I think of a woman with wings, so this seemed like a perfect fit! South Carolina 37-21Wasp

Florida State vs ClemsonQuicksilver & the Scarlet Witch – Again, this pair is already well on their way to the big screen in featured roles in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s also rumored that folks in Tallahassee have started speculating whether Jameis Winston is actually a mixture of Quicksilver & the Scarlet Witch. Florida State 33-31 scarlet-witch-quicksilver

Oregon vs. Washington State Falcon – After making his first appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it seems like he could carry a film. And Oregon players are such big fans that they already have Falcon wings on their helmets and sleeves. Oregon 40-21Falcon

California vs. Arizona Captain Marvel – Possibly the most elite female superhero can surprise you with her abilities. Much in the same way, the underdog Golden Bears will sneak up on the Wildcats. 31-28Captain Marvel

The Guru’s Take (0-1)

The Guru Curse is alive! After Texas was painted with its stench before they lost by nearly 5 touchdowns to BYU, the Swami’s busy week kept him from soliciting the Guru’s pick last week. This week, the Guru has decided to look out west. Cal may be the most improved team in the country, after being horrible the past couple of years. Arizona’s defense will likely give up some points. But in the desert, the Bears are unlikely to stop Arizona’s offensive attack, and the Wildcats will end up the victors. It should be an exciting game to watch for the none of you who stay up to watch the late games being played in the Pacific time zone.  Wildcats 38, Bears 28 (We’ll see how good the Guru’s VISION is)Vision

James & the Swamettes (5-2)

The Swamettes wanted to make sure that everyone knows that they picked the Falcons to win by 2 TD’s on Thursday night. In hindsight they apparently could only predict the first 5 minutes of the game!!

James thinks the Chiefs may have to sign The Red Tornado before they are going to find the Win column this season. Dolphins 24-17Red Tornado

The Swamettes are excited for a Super Bowl rematch this week. They have decided that the game is going to come down to one poorly thrown “duck” off the arm of Peyton Manning. Same song (probably Let it Go), second verse. Seahawks 28-27 Howard_the_Duck


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