Random Thoughts Illustrated – September 29th, 2014

The sports world is in one of my favorite times of year, so it just felt right to give some random thoughts:

Football –

B1G Man on Campus – Ameer Abdullah is good. You probably want to take note of it. This week’s matchup between Nebraska & Michigan State is a HUGE one for the HuskersAmeer

Dodging Bullets – The Seminoles are undefeated, but it has not been easy sledding for the defending champs.

Pork Rules – It turns out… the Razorbacks are one of the most improved teams in college football. And it makes me just want bacon. Bacon

The Teddy Bear Era – Mr. Bridgewater did a nice job of making a first impression in Minnesota this weekend… (all upside my Falcons’ heads)

Who knew?!  – The Chiefs may not be quite as bad as they looked the first two weeks!Charles

Baseball –

Finale – The final day of the regular season had plenty of meaning for a lot of teams, but none finished as well as the Washington Nationals. I have never seen the ending of a no hitter be quite so spectacular. WashNH

3 x 10 -1: What’s that? The end of the longest playoff drought in sports!!! Did anyone notice that the Royals made it? Well that leads me to a sub-list of Royals thoughts:KC

1. Cornerstone – This guy was nearly considered a bust after his first few years. Now, plays like this one are why he’s about to be a 4-time gold glove winner and owner of the 5th highest WAR in the American League.KCGordon

2. Recipe for Freedom – A good way to not get your contract picked up next year is to be a designated HITTER with a negative oWAR rating. oWAR means that you ignore defense and you only measure offensive performance. And when you have a negative oWAR you are worse than virtually everyone on your team. Kudos to you Billy Butler!

3. Strange Brew – This is probably not a normal formula for playoff teams: Last in MLB in HR’s (only team under 100). Fewest strikeouts in MLB (only team under 1000). Fewest walks in MLB. Most Stolen Bases in MLB. Best Stolen Base % in MLB.

Kershawshanked – Clayton Kershaw is a once in a generation pitcher and had another season that emphasized it. Kershaw won 21 games, which is the most by any pitcher in baseball. He missed a MONTH of the season. The Dodgers only lost 4 games that Kershaw started. Kershaw won the ERA title. If you took away his 41 inning scoreless streak, he still would have won the ERA title. Clayton Kershaw is not only the Cy Young winner in my book, he’s also the MVP. MLB: Colorado Rockies at Los Angeles Dodgers

Rumors of His Demise May be Exaggerated – Many thought that Justin Morneau’s career would be ended with side effects from a concussion. He was able to come back and re-establish himself, but it seemed unlikely that he would resemble his old self this late in his career. Well, Morneau just finished the season as the 2014 National League Batting Champion. Kudos to the former MVP!Colorado Rockies Photo Day

Rumors of His Demise May be On Point – The Minnesota Twins are paying Joe Mauer $23,000,000 per year through 2018. He made Billy Butler look like a bargain. Mauer’s final numbers were .277 with 4 HR and 55 RBI. The person that Mauer is blocking from starting at 1B is Kennys Vargas. In just 53 games, Vargas’ final numbers were .274 with 9 HR and 38 RBI. Good luck with that guys!

Doh! – Five players struck out over 180 times this season. One of them will win the AL MVP. Trout

Mo Money, Mo Problems – The Texas Rangers paid 1.985 Million Dollars per win this year. The Arizona Diamondbacks paid 1.75 Million Dollars per win this year. Both teams will have new managers next year.


I’m not going to lie… I’m actually enjoying the tweak to the Chase for the Cup where guys are getting eliminated as we wind down. Nice job guys. Hendrick


I really like the new gold uniforms for Georgia Tech











Kansas City Life –

This week in Kansas City:

  • Chiefs on Monday Night Football
  • Royals Playoffs
  • Sporting KC against 1st Place DC United
  • American Royal BBQ Competition (Yes, in KC, BBQ is a sport!)
  • NASCAR – Chase Race #4
  • Chiefs vs. 49ers

Boom! Soak it up KC!!


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