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Admission – I fully intended to publish two articles today; one was going to be a running diary of the Royals game last night and the other this week’s picks. I made it through one inning and determined that I couldn’t take it so I shelved it. Instead you will get tweets about the game and excerpts from the game (with a few tweets from the weekend as well) as the backdrop for this week’s picks. (See what I did there?)


The Picks (39-13)

Oregon vs. ArizonaDucks support the cause to the tune of 42-28, but they won’t be louder than Arrowhead on Monday! (But hopefully they have better grammar than a certain LSU grad)

duck Noise


Nebraska vs. Michigan State – Nebraska is counting on Michigan State’s defense having a few moments of bewilderment like the one below. Nebraska +10


Alabama vs. Ole Miss – Ole Miss respects Alabama a lot, but probably not a Plouffe-ian level of respect. Alabama 31-28


Oklahoma vs. TCU – Sooners 38-34, but I have mad love for TCU this week thanks to Brandon Finnegan… the former Horned Frog is going to be huge for KC for years to come



Auburn vs. LSU – Who cares, this lady is getting a puppy!! Auburn 31-21


Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State – This tweet could have applied to the Manziel era at A&M as well! A&M 31-24

7th SenseStanford vs. Notre Dame – I feel like a Stanford grad came up with this tweet from the Kansas City Police last night. Stanford 26-20

PoliceUSC vs. Arizona State – How depressing does ASU find this alumnus? USC 35-21


Texas Tech vs. Kansas State – This is one of the funniest sports spouse tweets ever. Texas Tech 24-21


Georgia Tech vs. Miami – All GT fans are hoping we feel like this after the game. Georgia Tech 27-24


Tennessee vs. Florida – If Tennessee can keep improving then maybe they will be lucky enough to have Joe Posnanski make a run of tweets about them as good as this one. Tennessee 23-20


Maryland vs. tOSU – The Buckeyes should Fear the Turtle like the A’s now fear Eric Hosmer. Maryland 34-33



The Guru’s Take (2-1)

2 weeks, 2 last minute wins for the Guru. It is possible (though it’s a small sample size) that the Guru’s curse has now become a method whereby the team the Guru picks against thinks it has a game in the bag, then curses at the end. This week provides the perfect test subject. The SEC has a number of ranked teams playing one another, and the biggest game is happening in The Grove. Ole Miss is undefeated and in the Top 10. Alabama is undefeated and in the Top 10 (again). Ole Miss has one of the top-ranked defenses in the country. Alabama has one of the top-ranked offenses in the country. This game is going to be determined by whether the Rebels (insert Admiral Ackbar pic) have a secondary that can stop Amari Cooper.. The Guru thinks they’ll do enough – including forcing a late turnover to help the Rebs hold onto a close victory. Huge Upset Alert! Ole Miss 24, Bama 23



James & the Swamettes (8-4)

James is fairly befuddled when it comes to picking this game. Which Falcons team shows up? Which Giants team shows up? So when in doubt he just picks Dad’s team and then goes back to playing with his turtles. Falcons 30-28Raph

The Swamettes are full believers in the Chiefs after Monday night so they said the 49ers are going down on Sunday! Well one of them said that. The other said “Hi Daddy” and waddled up for a hug at shin height and that’s about all I cared to remember. Chiefs 24-21Lo

Mrs. Swami threw her hat in the ring for the third pick. She wanted to send some love to her brother and Grandpa so she’s got the boys from Wisconsin taking out the ones from Minnesota. Green Bay 28-24GB



Just a few thoughts about the Royals vs. Angels in the ALDS:

1. I have no explanation for electing to use Vargas in Game 1. Unless he’s told everyone that he has some secret sauce in their ballpark since he used to play there, there’s really not a great explanation.

2. Despite my scathing commentary on social media at the use of Ventura in the Wild Card game, I don’t have any issues with him starting in this series. JUST DON’T USE HIM IN RELIEF!

3. As weird as it would be, if you are using Vargas in Game 1, I would stick to a 5 man rotation for the best of five series. If it is 1-1 or Royals up 2-0, I would use Guthrie in Game 3, Shields in Game 4, and Duffy in Game 5. I would not…UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES use Vargas in Game 5.

4. Those who know me know that I have well established man-crushes on Alex Gordon & Salvador Perez (ironically, both of whom did not play well on Tuesday). Well, the list has added one more name. I was already a fan from his work in September, but after Tuesday night Brandon Finnegan is firmly etched there. And possibly tattooed on my lower back. Or not.

5. Mrs. Swami has a new favorite show to watch. It’s called “watching the Swami watch the Royals in an elimination game”.

6. As much as I love Salvy, even his game winning hit was a terrible swing. I would try to sum it up but when Mrs. Swami said “at least he didn’t swing [at the pitch-out]”, I think she said all that needed to be said.

7. Go Royals.


9. GO ROYALS!!!!!

10. GO ROYALS!!!!!



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