Random Thoughts Friday – October 3rd

Nothing screams “Well Thought Out Commentary” like bullet points… so:

  • Dear Braves – Do you now see why you should have left Dan Uggla on last year’s playoff roster? – Signed Mike MoustakasMoose
  • Wait, Oregon played last night? At Home? Against a team that almost lost to Texas San Antonio? And LOST?! Well, the Swami’s Thursday night jinx is alive and well!AZ
  • So the rumor is that Christian Ponder was watching the Royals game instead of the Packers D. Frankly that’s understandable.
  • If Bill Simmons weren’t suspended, I wonder what his thoughts would be about the concept of an Irrational Confidence TEAM
  • Well played Orioles. Beat down those Tigers.Hardy
  • I am still struggling with why Finnegan only went 2 batters last night. I mean… his pitch count was at THREE after TWO batters. Just sayin.
  • Wade Davis. Beast. Wade
  • Tim Collins. Thank you for not looking like you did every game of the regular season.
  • Danny Duffy. None of us know why you aren’t in the rotation, but keep accumulating W’s! (Sporting KC has your back)Sporting
  • Greg Holland. You pitched in the Wild Card game. Were at the hospital for the birth of your son. And closed out the ALDS game with a save in the 11th. Good Week?!
  • Nori Aoki. Did you take up route running from Dwayne Bowe?! Well, thanks for having hands like Calvin Johnson!
  • Lorenzo Cain. Thanks for setting the tone in the 1st. Zo & Nori
  • Royals. Enjoy the Journey

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