Swami the Magazine – Signed, Sealed, Delivered

This week we are taking a look at the more classical side of college football. The STM staff thought it would be interesting to pin the University Seal of each institution against each other to determine a winner. Through the process there were many interesting findings, not the least of which was that none of these schools have a seal or a SEAL on their seal. So as your mind wraps itself around that last sentence, it’s time to get to the picks!

The Picks (The Swami’s record is… Squirrel!)

Duke vs. Georgia Tech – The folks from Duke apparently can’t speak English and that doesn’t bode well for successful American football teams. So we’re going with Georgia Tech 37-33

Duke Seal

GT Seal

Auburn vs. Mississippi State – You can throw out the Seal comparison when two schools from the same state are on the cover of Sports Illustrated together. Can you say JINX?! – Auburn 31-28

Auburn Seal Miss St Seal

Ole Miss vs. Texas A&M – Wash, rinse, repeat. After the biggest week in Mississippi football vaulted both schools into a tie for 3rd in the nation, the Jinx will lead to tears. Texas A&M 33-31

Ole Miss Seal A&M Seal

TCU vs. Baylor – First… who would have thought that the cream of the Big XII-II would be TCU & Baylor?! I mean EVER?! Anyway, when you look at the seals, it’s pretty clear who is the bigger star. Baylor 54-48

TCU Seal Baylor Seal

Alabama vs. Arkansas – Alabama’s seal leaves something to be desired, so while they may win, Arkansas will definitely cover the spread Arkansas (+10)

Bama Seal Arkansas Seal

USC vs. Arizona – USC’s seal has a classic almost Olympic quality. But Arizona looks like they have a genie in a lamp. You can NOT bet against a genie! Arizona 35-24

USC Seal Arizona Seal

Texas vs. Oklahoma – Let’s be real… the seals don’t mean anything in this one. This year, this is the Red River Beatdown. Texas is a shell of what it once was. But at least they are cleaning house of the bad seeds. Wait… based on the seal, maybe OU was planting the bad seeds in Austin #Conspiracy. Oklahoma 44-17

Texas Seal Oklahoma Seal

Oregon vs. UCLA – Everything in me says UCLA has the seal to bring this one home, but the Ducks used the word Oregonensis and that’s just impressive. Oregon 34-31

Oregon Seal  UCLA Seal

Georgia vs. Missouri – Usually I like to laugh at the concept of an arch needing a center pillar, but I recently realized that it really resembles the bars of a prison cell, so it makes a lot more sense. (Editor’s note: This prediction may have shifted drastically upon the Gurley suspension news) – Missouri 27-24

Georgia Seal  Missouri Seal

Oklahoma State vs. Kansas – I’m pretty sure that unless Moses is getting play-calls from the burning bush and has taken over as the new interim head coach at Kansas, the Jayhawks are not pulling this one off. Oklahoma State 64-5

OkSt Seal  Kansas Seal

The Guru’s Take (HE’S ON FIRE!!!!)

It. Happened. Again.  The Guru picked Ole Miss to win, with “forcing a late turnover to help the Rebs hold onto a close victory.” Thanks to Senquez Golson’s interception in the endzone with 41 seconds left, that is exactly what occurred.  Three weeks in a row for the Guru’s streak, and this week, number four will be found (again) in the State of Mississippi.  This time, the MSU Bulldogs are hosting Auburn.  Both are undefeated. Both are in the top 5 of the AP poll.  One will drop after this week, and that one will be Auburn.  The Bulldogs are big enough and fast enough to slow down Auburn’s offense a bit, especially where the hostile environment will keep the Tigers from a quick start.  Dak Prescott moves further toward the top of the Heisman race, and MSU becomes the favorite for the SEC West crown. (in other words – the SEC crown).  Dogs (not Dawgs, since MSU students apparently can spell) 31, Tigers 27.

James & the Swamettes

The official offspring of the children are focused on the Royals at the moment and want you to read the ALCS preview, so they just did quick picks this week:

  • Bears over Falcons 30-21
  • Chargers over Raiders 42-8

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