Swami the Magazine: Time to Fight

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine. This week, we will take each matchup and decide who wins a fight between their fight songs!!

The Picks!

Nebraska v. NorthwesternDear Old Nebraska U vs. Go! U Northwestern – Well, both schools lose points for using the U by itself but the exclamation point is the tipping point in this one. Nebraska 30-21

Notre Dame v. FSUVictory March vs. FSU Fight Song – Ummm… I’m taking Victory March with the points. Notre Dame +10

Ole Miss v. TennesseeForward Rebels vs. Rocky Top – So this is where picking these themes can sometimes backfire on The Swami. So, it’s time to own it… Rocky Top wins!! But so does Ole Miss. Mississippi 40-24

Baylor v. West Virginia – Old Fite! vs. Hail West Virginia! – That one’s tough but we all know that confusion sets in when West Virginians say “Hail”. Because no one is sure if they are truly hailing someone or if they are discussing eternal damnation. Therein lies the downfall. Baylor 38-35

Alabama v. Texas A&MYea Alabama vs. The Aggie War Hymn – This was close. The Aggie War Hymn is better, but Yea Alabama mentions the Yellow Jackets (still pointing to their SEC roots) bringing them even. Then when you consider the backup song for everything in Bama is Sweet Home Alabama, the Crimson Tide pull it out. Alabama 31-27

Arkansas v. GeorgiaArkansas Fight Song vs. Glory Glory to Old Georgia – How can you argue with a song that spells out the name of the state like this:  A-A-A-R-K-A-N-S-A-S.  Arkansas 33-31

Kansas State v. OklahomaWildcat Victory vs. Boomer Sooner – Wildcat Victory pulls this off because Boomer Sooner has the lyrical genius of modern pop songs. Kansas State +7.5

TCU v. Ok StateTCU March vs. Fight Song – It’s really difficult to pick a Song over a March. That’s what John Phillips Souza told me. TCU 41-31

Arizona State v. StanfordMaroon & Gold vs. All Right Now – As soon as I read Stanford’s, I started singing Van Halen’s Right Now. Which is a better song, but not much of a fight song. Arizona State 27-24

Georgia Tech v. North CarolinaRamblin’ Wreck vs. I’m a Tar Heel Born – Uh, first. No Contest. Ramblin’ Wreck recently won a USA Today poll as the best fight song. And hey… #THWG. Georgia Tech 28-24

Minnesota v. PurdueMinnesota Rouser vs. Hail Purdue! – The use of Rouser is absolutely MONEY. Gotta go with the Gophers. Minnesota 24-17

The Guru’s Take

The State of Mississippi can thank the Guru once again, now that his assistance has bumped MSU to #1 in the nation. After starting this hot streak with a Pac-12 pick a few weeks ago, this week the Guru will go out west once again.  Arizona State looks good this year.  Stanford’s offense looks like it has taken 2 steps back, and two starting receivers are injured.  The game is in Tempe.  ASU is ranked higher. So naturally, the Guru thinks Stanford’s defense will give the Sun Devils fits and stick a trident in their resurgence, while the offense finally gets untracked.  The Inexplicable Trees will roll to victory.  Stanford 31, ASU 24



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