Swami the Magazine: Simply Marvel-ous!!

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine! The Swami’s inbox did receive many e-mails asking why he couldn’t find time to complete a column last week. Well… I think I put my excuse in print earlier this week, but it was good to know that I was missed. (By one person).

So when the Royals weren’t taking the sports lover in me on a massive roller coaster, the big nerd in me was geeking out with the Marvel announcement this week of their upcoming films. So I thought, what better way to satisfy both sides than by making each pick relate to an upcoming film! Brilliant!! So here we go!A2 Costumes

The Picks

Nebraska v. Purdue – This is the Ant Man of games. (Sorry Huskers). It’s kind of an unknown how good the game will be, but in the end you know who is going to finish on top. Huskers 37-21ant man

Mississippi State v. ArkansasThor: Ragnarok – It’s being called a launching point for many characters and storylines in phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mississippi State’s success or failure is the launching point for the College Football Playoff foursome. Nothing changes this week. MSU Bulldogs 34-20Thor 3

Ole Miss v. AuburnInhumans – According to all talking heads the SEC is full of a higher class of teams so clearly they are all inhuman. Or not. Anyway, this game will determine whether or not Ole Miss is still a contender, or if they were just a product of their early schedule. I still have some faith in them. Ole Miss 24-17inhumans

Oregon v. StanfordGuardians of the Galaxy 2 – There’s a character that’s green! There’s a character that’s a TREE!! How perfect is this movie for this game!!!! Brilliant!!! Bravo! Oregon 38-31Guardians

Georgia v. FloridaCaptain America: Civil War – Sure the movie will be far better than this game, but the use of “Civil War” seemed fitting and then it also sounds as fun as The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party (hold the cocktails), so it’ll do. Georgia 44-14 (Ok, I’ll watch Civil War 8 times before I consider watching this game, but that’s a whole other story)Civil War

TCU v. West VirginiaAvengers: Infinity War Pt. 1 – I’m calling this the most entertaining game of the weekend and the movie that everything is building toward. Good times! TCU 33-31 Infinity War1

Kansas State v. Oklahoma StateDoctor Strange – This season has been strange for the Big XII but the benefactor seems to be Kansas State. I expect that will continue this week as OSU slips further and further each week.  Kansas State 28-24Strange

UCLA v. ArizonaBlack Panther – There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the introduction of Black Panther to the silver screen, just like there is a lot of excitement all around…er…the Bruins campus. Ok, not a direct tie, but it’s interesting that the Panther will be a player in Civil War as well. Good times! UCLA 30-17Black Panther

Georgia Tech v. VirginiaAvengers: Infinity War Pt. 2 – You didn’t think I was going to pick a bad movie for my Yellow Jackets did you?! HA! Tech should run through the Cavaliers like the Hulk through Manhattan. Georgia Tech 37-20Infinity War2

Missouri v. KentuckyCaptain Marvel – The Tigers hope that they can fight like Carol Danvers (a.k.a. Captain Marvel). If so, this should be a smooth ride. Missouri 30-24CapMarvel

The Guru’s Take

The Avengers: Age of Ultron (Ok, I added that so that I could accuse him of being Ultron)Ultron

After an understandable one-week hiatus while the Swami was living the dream, the Guru is jumping back into the SEC morass as the conference cream attacks the other cream as it rises to the top so when it reaches the top it looks like bloody cream. Hmmm…not the best analogy.  Regardless, the Guru will take a swing at the SEC West.  Auburn and Ole Miss have a de facto “play-out” game this week – loser is likely out of the playoff.  While Ole Miss is coming off a tough loss to LSU where Bo Wallace looked like Mike Wallace (gratuitous 60 Minutes reference!) , Auburn managed to grind out a win over South Carolina.  Auburn also knows it has to face Georgia and Alabama later this season, both on the road (like here).  The Tigers cannot afford a loss here in The Grove. and the Rebels’ defense will have a heck of a time trying to tackle Auburn’s running backs, not to mention Nick Marshall.  Auburn will prevail, 31-24.


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