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Slick Willy Shakespeare posed the question in Romeo & Juliet. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Which is true. However, names matter. Going to see a Nicolas Kim Coppola film doesn’t feel the same as seeing a Nicolas Cage film. But they both leave you shaking your head. This weekend we were discussing how it’s really unfair for all of the graduates of Benson High School to be saddled with being “Bunnies for Life!”. This sent the staff here at StM headquarters down the path of this weeks’ theme. What were some of the early team names of our featured players this week? Were they the Vapid Banana Slugs? Perhaps the Gnome Vixens? Well, the crack research team has tracked that information down, so it’s time for this week’s installment of…

The Picks!


Statesmen vs. Wahoos

Ok, so Florida State never had the name the Statesmen. They have actually always been the Seminoles, but in the voting by the students, Statesmen was the second place finisher. Oh, what could have been. And interestingly, the Wahoos is still an unofficial name used by fans to this day. Wahoo? Who knew?! FSU over UVa 42-17wahoo

Golden Tornado vs. Red Terrors

Sportswriters referred to Georgia Tech as the Golden Tornado after legendary coach John Heisman led the engineers to their first national championship in 1917 and the name was still used in the late 20’s. NC State switched to the Wolfpack early, but they were referred to as the Red Terrors first and had a bull terrier named Togo as their mascot. Also Pink & Blue were their first colors. Georgia Tech over NC St. 34-28GT

Tigers vs. Farmers

Auburn has always been the Tigers. Contrary to what some believe, War Eagle is just a chant and they were never the Auburn War Eagles. Texas A&M on the other hand have not always been the Aggies. Early on this proud bastion of Agricultural learning embraced that by being called the Farmers. Alas, Farmers rarely hold up well against Tigers. Auburn over A&M 31-21farmers

Webfoots vs. Redskins

The term webfoots originated as a disparaging moniker used by Californians to mock their neighbors to the north. Those folks however wore it as a badge of honor. And Utah… well, they just might have the formula for our friends in D.C. They went from the Redskins to the Utes and use the Ute name with the full blessing of the Ute Tribal Council. I think the only Tribal Council that Daniel Snyder is familiar with is the Survivor one. Oregon over Utah 45-20Webfoot

Thin Red Line vs. Tigers

I don’t know how Alabama could use the Thin Red Line today, but the more interesting note is that the term Crimson Tide was first used after the 1907 game against favored Auburn, in the muddy red clay where Alabama stood strong against their in-state rival. As for LSU… apparently teams that choose Tigers are more likely to stick with them. Side note, the LSU team name actually came from a nickname that Robert E. Lee’s soldiers were given during the Civil War and it was adopted after LSU’s undefeated season in 1896. Alabama over LSU 28-27 (and yes I do know that this image is a homage to firefighters…and yes, I did it on purpose. Props to my brothers-in-law!)thinredline

Aggies vs. Horned Frogs

This is a mascot matchup that happens every year in the Big XII-II. But this time it’s Kansas State facing TCU instead of the folks from College Station, TX. K-State was originally an Agricultural College, hence the name. One of the main gathering points with bars, restaurants, & shopping in Manhattan, KS is still called Aggieville. TCU has been the Horned Frogs longer than they have been TCU. They were named the Horned Frogs in 1897. Fun Facts: When angered or frightened, horned frogs can squirt a fine, four-foot stream of blood from their eyes. Also, the Horned Frog was named the State Reptile of Texas in 1992. Take Kansas State with the points (+6) in this high scoring affair. TCU

Aggies vs. Buckeyes

Yep… yet another school was named the Aggies. The most interesting thing we found was the change in the fight song from when they were the Aggies to when they were the Spartans. Here’s more information about that. And THE Ohio State University has always been nuts. Or at least they’ve always had a nut for a mascot. Michigan State over Ohio State 24-21bucknuts

Ramblers vs. Owls

The folks under the Golden Dome were originally known as the Ramblers back in the days of the Four Horsemen. Now I’ll pause for about half of you to Google “Notre Dame Four Horsemen” to know what in the world I’m talking about. Meanwhile, the Tempe Normal Owls later became the Arizona State Sun Devils. Somehow I think they made the right decision. Owl eyes just don’t quite make the cut over the trident. Arizona State over Notre Dame 31-28Owls

Buffaloes vs. Rough Riders

Ok, so Baylor has also always been the Bears, but Buffaloes almost happened and it makes for a better headline here. Oklahoma has been the Boomers as well as the Rough Riders. Historical Note: Did you know that Rough Riders was the nickname given the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry during the Spanish-American War? Too bad they didn’t ride Buffalo. Baylor over Oklahoma 34-33rough riders

Mountaineers vs. Longhorns

Booooooooooooooooooooooooo. Both names are still in tact. Fun Fact: Texas’ first mascot was a dog named Pig. West Virginia over Texas 48-20Pig

Cubs vs. Vikings

That’s right, the boys from Los Angeles were originally the Cubs. Interestingly, UC Berkeley was using both the Bears & Bruins nicknames and offered the Bruins to UCLA to have, which they did. Meanwhile, there must be something about Vikings that love purple. Interestingly, now Western Washington University uses the Vikings as their mascot. UCLA over Washington 24-17Vikings

The Guru’s Take

The Guru continues to single-handedly affect the upcoming NCAA playoff.  With apologies to Laquon Treadwell (the Guru doesn’t cause injuries, just fumbles, though), Ole Miss is now out of the playoff.  This week?  It’s time to officially eliminate Baylor, with the bonus of having Oklahoma apply the beating.  Oklahoma has 2 losses to teams in the top 7 by a total of 5 points.  This is not a bad team.  Baylor has won 2 of the last 3 against the Sooners, so it’s time for some Bear hunting in Norman, especially since Sterling Shepard has been cleared to play for the Sooners.  You can expect prodigious offense in this game, with the last team to have the ball winning.  The Guru foresees that will be Oklahoma, with a late Samaje Perine TD putting the Sooners ahead for good.  Good guys 41, Other guys 38Ounis


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  1. For your local Div. II update, I’m BuckeyeWill.

    The second week of NCAA regional rankings is out, and House of Buckeye/Bearcat is mighty relieved. The first NCAA Div. II Super Region 3 rankings had Northwest Missouri ranked #7 in Super Region 3. That is bad, because the top 6 teams in the region advance to the NCAA Div. II playoffs. All is right again in the world as Minnesota Mankato (aka, Minnesota State. I see you Coach) defeated Sioux Falls, which dropped the Cougars to 7th in the region, as everyone else moved up.

    The NCAA Super Region 3 rankings for Nov. 3:

    1. Minnesota State 9-0. I’m reasonably certain Craig T. Nelson is not the Head Coach.
    2. Ouachita Baptist 8-0, Who knew Baptists in Arkansas could play football? They certainly can’t in Bolivar, Mo. Or Liberty Mo.
    3. Minnesota – Duluth 9-0. Minnesota State and Minnesota Duluth play for the Ice Pick in a couple of weeks.
    4. Pittsburg State 8-1. Lost to Ft. Hays St. and then walloped Northwest Missouri in Maryville on Homecoming. The monkeys are the #1 Jekyll and Hyde team in Div. II.
    5. Northwest Missouri State University 8-1. The Pitt State monkeys put a hurt on the Bearcats two weeks ago ending the Bearcats 22 game unbeaten streak. The ‘Cats worked out some frustration last week against the little brother, 10th St. Tech (Missouri Western U.).
    6. Azuza Pacific. 8-1. Marquee win against Grand Valley State. The Nigerian Nightmare, Christain Okoye, hailed from Azuza Pacific. And that’s all I know about the Cougars.

    If the season ended today (which it doesn’t), the first two seeds get a bye for week one of the playoffs. 6 plays 3 and 5 plays 4. Which means your 2014 Div. II National Champions would be winner of the Northwest Missouri State versus Pittsburg State rematch.

    Oh, and there is a little game being played in East Lansing on Saturday night. Go Bucks!

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